Core War

My guide to the game of core war.

Well I'm still only a beginner even though I've been playing on and off for about 6 months now but then again I do have other interests outside of this game. Perhaps in another couple of months I'll challenge the Standard Hill and get a warrior which lasts a reasonable length of time before getting kicked off (my current record is 5 challenges). I thought I was a pretty good programmer before I started playing this, of course good programmers aren't suppposed to use self modifying code, that's for Real Programmers.

Hold on I don't know what Core War is?

Well I thought I'd better set up this page so that I'd have a place to archive my old warriors, I don't think many of these are worth the space they'd take up in Planar's archive so I'm making them available here.

Now this page is a home for the warrior benchmark scores which can be used to measure the effectiveness of warriors independently of their strategy.

Also I've got links to the main websites which deal with corewar.

Now for some of my Warriors

In time I will add a few notes, programmers and historical, to my warriors but at the moment you can download the Redcode for any of my creations.

And that's all for the moment, when more of my warriors fall off the hill then they'll be published here and on the newsgroup.

Scott Manley/