Anton's Core War Tournament ran for three rounds in July / August 1997. The first round involved writing a sorting program in Redcode. Programs were judged by size and speed. Ilmari Karonen had the shortest program while Brian Haskin had the fastest. See the results for more details.

#Name AuthorScore
1Seaside SortBrian Haskin8
2Bubbly Sort 1bIlmari Karonen7
3Particle SorterMole IX5
4PSort v1.0Philipp Offermann4
5Sort v1.5Zul Nadzri3
6ConsortRobert Hale2
7SortidatorChristian Schmidt1

The objective of the second round was to design a warrior to beat Electric Head by Anton Marsden. Ilmari Karonen claimed first place with more than 99% wins. Check the results for more details.

#Name AuthorScore
1Shelter 1f3Ilmari Karonen7
2Head BasherBrian Haskin6
3PBeat v1.0Philipp Offermann5
4Short CircuitPhilip Kendall4
5P^(1/2)Christian Schmidt3
6NautilusMole IX2
7Anti HeadIan Oversby1

In the third and final round players had to write a program to display a pretty picture. Entries were judged purely on creativity. Ilmari Karonen's Fern took first place. See the results for more details.

#Name AuthorScore
1Fern 1cIlmari Karonen4
2LifePhilip Kendall3
3PStars v1.0Philipp Offermann2
4FireworksBrian Haskin1
Fern 1c by Ilmari Karonen Fireworks by Brian Haskin