Mirage 1.5 is a clear-directing scanner which entered the Pizza 94 hill on 24th January 1996 and survived 736 challenges before being pushed off on 13th March.

;name Mirage 1.5
;author Anton Marsden
;strategy 2/3 C scanner/bomber with a twist
;assert CORESIZE==8000


step EQU 3039
gate EQU (data+1)

data: spl.a  #0,$step
      dat.f  $0,$btm-gate+2
      dat.f  $0,$0
pos:  add.ab #step,#2*step
kill: mov.i  $bomb,>data
s:    jmz.f  @0,@pos
c:    slt.b  $pos,#btm-data+2
      mov.b  $pos,$data
      jmn.b  @0,$pos

bomb: spl.a  #0,$0
      mov.i  $clr,>gate
      djn.b  $-1,{gate
clr:  dat.f  <2*2667,<2667
btm:  dat.f  $0,$0