Ilmari Karonen posted an announcement for his second mini tournament (IMT2) in 1999. Battling in a coresize of 80, Dave Hillis claimed an impressive victory with his evolved warrior

SAL's nano hill opened on 11 June, 2004. To begin with, many players believed the maxlength of 5 would limit the warriors to clears and evolved. However, a surprising range of strategies have proved effective, including papers, scanners, oneshots and quickscanners.

Check the Nano Hall of Fame to see which warriors have survived longest on SAL's nano hill.

nanoWarrior is a newletter reporting the latest activity on the nano hill. The most recent issue is nanoWarrior 3.

Nano Benchmarks (21K) contains the 2007 nano benchmark. Take a look at the results for some published warriors. (14K) has been prepared for Yace. (6K) contains a quick-start nano hill configuration for Martin Ankerl's evolver, Yace.

Infinite Nano Hill

All of the published nano warriors battle round robin on the Infinite Nano Hill. Each confrontation between two warriors is played with all 142 permutations of starting order and location (pmars -P).

RSS feed for the Infinite Nano Hill.

Christian's Challenge

Shortly after the creation of SAL's nano hill, Christian Schmidt issued a challenge. The author of the warrior holding first place on the nano hill on Friday 25 June 2004 received some of Christian's unpublished code. Dave Hillis was victor with his evolved warrior rdrc: Silhouette Ulcer.

Nano Warriors By Strategy

paper/clear: Eerie Glow, Pacler Deux, the spiders crept, Chiki Chiki, glowing embers, hemlock, Cosmic Horror, swirling clouds, Apis Mellifera, ghoulish, The Purple Ape, Orange Nanobug, The White Wind, The Purple Sheep, The White Warp, More mutated beast, pclr*pclr, Harl Projections 0.4, Moonshade, Carbon tetrachloride

paper: ripples 22, flight by day & night, ripples in space-time, Black Sun III, Dodecadence, Nano'Powa, Staphylococcus aureus, Nano'Broda, Stray Cosmic Ray, listen to the rain, shades of amber grey, forsaken, Blue Ball Bingo, Wall of spikes, the moon by omega, qEvo[[3]], hand coded paper, invicta, Yellow Butterfly,, umbrella, Nano Silk, Nano paper III, IMT#2_w2, EvoPap, The pink spider 2, The pink spider

oneshot: victim of the night, Sniper VI, song of the skylark, Bombus Sylvestris, naosv2, Acarus Calvanicus, Nano-sniper, Nano-sniper II, second chance, Petit Mal, qopt-3193069885, ScannerEater, blind

clear/imp: the kraken awakes, Subterranean Homesick Alien, From the Ritz to the Rubble, spawn of the dark core, Trypanosoma brucei, Legionella pneumophila, rdrc: Breakaway Carte, rdrc: Surpass Stricture, Rubble (old), a bone to pick, ImpClear3, Bombus Huntii, Bombus Mocsaryi, Bombus Tetrachromus, Dark Blue Bean, MyGunIsQuick

qscan: wreath of thistles, toy soldier, servant of the implord, Master of the Core, creature from the flames, digital warlord, My nano Qscan III, the last of the dragons, the wolves are running, breaths of sleeping thoughts v001, My nano Qscan II, Machines Rule No More III, breaths of sleeping thoughts v002, muddy avalanche, muddy puddle

scanner: girl from the underworld, static, Type-1, the monster over the hill, lights over the arctic plain, thistledown, Tempest, trial by fire, Stupid mistake, Safe, Double Loop, SuperSentryIV, Rocket propelled monkey II, quaintly ineffective, Humans rule over machines!, Bombus Ruderarius, unique geometry, Ucekupatox, Bombus Mesomelas, Malevolo, Nexus-6, SuperSentryV, The Core is never enough, Monkey playing in a crane cab, qopt-819271332.rc, qopt-746664288.rc, Red Carpet, Origin of Nano Storms, Nano Zooom..., Nanooom

imp ring/spiral: legend of the ice dragons, path of the mountain hare, rumpelstiltskin, scythe, written in a dream, war of the snowflakes, realm of the fire flower, tinderbox, imp-test2, Ring Thing, Chihuahua Chalupa

stone: stoner rock, nano nano mork calling orson, Philosopher's Stone, Little scare, Dwarfie, Afterburner, Obvious, Nanoni, Wind, A Little Something

scanner/imp: Xinyl, jaws of the swamp thing, lord of the digital swamp, the ghost in the attic, silver ribbon, yonder star, snowy skies

paper/imp: violet haze, no harm done

stone/imp: torment