Guides to Playing Corewar

In May 1984, A.K.Dewdney introduced Corewar in Scientific American's Computer Recreations column. Along with D.G.Jones, Dewdney produced the original Core War Guidelines. Since then Redcode, the language of Corewar, has been revised a number of times. The most recent and popular dialect is the Extended ICWS'94 Draft. An older version of the ICWS'94 Draft is available as HTML.

Quick Core War Guide by Scott Manley.

Introduction to Redcode by Mark Durham.

Introduction to Art in '88 by Wangsaw Mintardjo.

My First Corewar Book by Steven Morrell contains two chapters - Chapter 1: Imp-Rings and Chapter 2: Stones.

A Basic Introduction to the Anatomy of the Scanner provides a good starting point when learning how to implement an effective scanner. Also available as plain text.

Corewar Bibliography

History of Corewar

A Brief History of Corewar lists significant events and publications since Dewdney's original article introduced Corewar.

Who's Who in Corewar [work in progress].

The Corewar Book of Records [work in progress].

The Science of Corewar

Mathematical Models for Step Sizes by Steven Morrell illustrates some of the ideas behind Optima numbers.

Core Wars Genetics: The Evolution of Predation by John Perry is an early paper discussing techniques to evolve competitive warriors.

Evolving Core Warriors by Dave Hillis.

Evolving Warriors by Linus Thorsell.

A Numeric Approach to Diversity Hills by Achille Astolfi.


[NEW!] CoreExplorer Issue 2 - the latest issue of the Corewar ezine dedicated to beginners. Issue 1 is also available.

CoreWarrior is one of the current Corewar publications. CoreWarrior has been around since Oct '95. Take a look at the latest issue.

Steve's Guide for Beginners - Steve Bailey's serialised guide for beginners, from '96. contains all 13 issues. (28K)

The '94 Warrior - Brant D. Thomsen's newsletter covering the period Feb '94 to Nov '94. contains all 14 issues. (81K)

Push Off - Paul Kline's commentary on Corewar spanning from Mar '93 to Feb '94. Classic moments in history are captured - the death of Sphinx, the rise and fall of vamp/imps and much more. contains all 28 issues. (116K)

Corewar Trivia

New instructions have often been suggested in the past to enhance Redcode. Collected here are 124 of these ideas.

Curious Corewar Numbers [work in progress].

The Corewar Phrase Book is a guide to some of the expressions needed to discuss Corewar in Dutch, English, Esperanto, Finnish, German, Italian, Polish, Serbian and Spanish.

Corewar Crossword (6K) - test your knowledge of Corewar with this PostScript puzzle. A textfile conversion is in corepuzz.txt.