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The Hills

Koth Corewar Server is the longest running Corewar site and the home of Corewar! Provides seven play by email hills, a mailing list echoing and the FTP Archives.

KOTH@SAL offers eight play by email hills, including beginners, fortress, nano, tiny, limited process, tinylp, rf23 and tournament.

Koenigstuhl can be found on Christoph's page, a collection of ten infinite hills consisting entirely of published warriors.

[Polish] PZPR is the home of Lukasz Adamowski's Polish hills, Arena Pojedynków (round robin) and Arena Bitewna (multi-warrior). [hills closed]

El Kauka's page contains the Absolute Beginner Hill and also the Corewar Web Comics. [hill closed]

The Internet Pizza Server - the former home of the draft, tiny, limited process and beginners hills. [hills closed]

Sourceforge Hills have six web submission hills, including one intended for evolved warriors only. Code for the warriors submitted to the hills is made available in the online archive. Also home to an alternative Corewar-like system. [hills closed]

Discussion on Google - since it's formation in 1991, the newsgroup has provided a valuable forum.

The #COREWARS IRC channel on Daily events have been logged since 14 Sep 2005 in's irc-logs directory.

Jakub's IRC Logs - old logs of the happenings in #COREWARS covering the period Mar 2003 to May 2004.

Jaska's IRC Logs [site vanished?]

Corewar Web-Forum [use instead]

ICC 2004 - the 20th Anniversary of Corewar Meeting organised in Berlin by Christian Schmidt, July 2004.

ICC 2006 - the forthcoming meeting in Holland, organised by Roy van Rijn.

Evolving Warriors

Terry Newton's page - the home of Terry's evolvers, Redmaker, Fizzle and REBS. An informative site covering a wide variety of evolving topics.

Dave Hillis' page makes his RedRace evolving software available, which generated - the first evolved warrior to win a tournament.

Barkley Vowk's page - Bvowk created the CCAI evolver, which successfully produced the first evolved warriors to enter the '94nop hill.

Jason Boer's page - the home of GA_WAR.C

Will Varfar's page

Martin Ankerl's page

MicroGP's page

Corewar Redcode Evolver is Loren Jamison's evolving software.

David G. Andersen's page is home to his paper, The Garden: Evolving Warriors in Core Wars.

Ryan Coleman's page - containing Ryan's paper, Learning By Simulating Evolution Using Corewars.


CoreWin 2.2 is Chip Wendell's feature packed Mars for Windows.

pMars - C source for the official Redcode simulator of Supports ICWS-88 and extended ICWS-94 Draft.

fMars is Michal Janeczek's Redcode simulator - the fastest available Mars.

pQmars - the Quantum Coreworld

A.R.E.S. is a non-standard simulator for Windows - with extensions allowing stacks, absolute addressing and console input / output. Includes a Basic interpretter written in extended Redcode.

[Italian] XRK - a simulator for the first Redcode standard - ICWS-86.

Home Pages

The Corewar Info Page is home to Optimax, The Redcoders' Frenzy - an ongoing tournament, and the Corewar Lexicon.

Planar's page contains the warrior archives, newsletter archives, and Mount Olympus. [no longer updated]

The Corewar FAQ - see also this older version.

Wikipedia has entries for Corewar and Redcode.

[German] Jens Gutzeit's page specialises in quickscanners, score surfaces and the history of the hills. Also available in English.

Joonas Pihlaja's page is where you will find Exhaust - a lightweight simulator, and Self Organising Maps of the Koenigstuhl infinite hills.

Ilmari Karonen's page offers Ilmari's Beginner's Guide to Redcode and the results of his two mini tournaments.

[Spanish] Germán Labarga's page is home to the Mini Corewar Programming Challenges. Germán's page is also available in English.

John Everitt's page makes PDF conversions of many important Corewar documents available.

Philip Thorne's page

[Hungarian] Csaba Biró's page

Philip Kendall's page

Paul-V Khuong's Corewar Wiki

[Russian] Russian Corewar Wiki

A Numeric Approach to Diversity Hills

FatalC's page

[German] Sascha Zapf's page

Lukasz Grabun's page specialising in stones and bombers.

Graeme McRae's page

Mizcu's page

Judodudo's Corewar blog

Sapan Bhatia's page

The Corewar Hall of Fame - with photos and information about some of the well known Redcoders of the past.

Archived Pages

Martin Ankerl's page - is the home of Yace (Yet Another Corewar Evolver) and QMars (Quicker Mars). [local copy]

Beppe Bezzi's page - has the results and warriors from Beppe's tournament. [local copy]

Kevin Brunelle's page [local copy]

Phil Knight's page - home to Phil's Corewar utilities for Windows. [local copy]

Leif Lindgren's page - containing Leif's MARS written in CommonLISP. [local copy]

Scott Manley's page - is where you will find the beginner / advanced ratings and also a selection of Scott's warriors. [local copy]

Wangsaw Mintardjo's page - Intro to Art in '88: Paper - Stone - Scissors Trilogy. [local copy]

Koen Struyve's page - has the results and warriors from the Corewars Beginner's League. [local copy]

Linus Thorsell's page - home to the Core War Tribes Project and Linus's paper on evolving warriors. [local copy]

L. Vogtmann's page - contains html conversions of A.K. Dewdney's Scientific American articles. [local copy]