Round 3 Author Strategy Lines and Comments

;name Backup
;author WFB
;strategy Oversby Round 3.
;strategy Ah!  I'll make a warrior tailored to beat up the grey warrior even
;strategy if it kills me! I have excuses for my Round 2 performance...
;strategy Anyways, I wanna sit down and make a good warrior designed to tear
;strategy the Grey Warrior apart, but if I don't have time, this is my backup.
;strategy Not that this didn't take awhile...
;strategy soooooo, I took the incendiary bomber from Torcht18 and tagged d-clear
;strategy along with it.  Pu-leazeeeeeee work...
;assert CORESIZE==8000

;name Token Effort
;author A.S. Mehlos
;strategy scanner/bomber -- Gray Warrior round in Ian's tournament.
;strategy More anti-imping on the clear
;strategy (Ya know, midnight CST is a bit off from midnight GMT. D'oh.)
;strategy (This one is kind of rushed... It's a little on the big side,
;strategy  but there's no scanner to worry about, so it might not be 
;strategy  --too-- bad. 
;assert CORESIZE==8000

;name Win!
;author David Moore
;strategy short-interval SNE scanner like Rave/Agony, with spl carpet bombs.
;strategy converts to spl clear, then a 21-point anti-spiral swipe,
;strategy then a continuous dat wipe. added decoy for fun.
;assert CORESIZE==8000

;name Quick Cooking
;author M Joonas Pihlaja
;strategy Switch no loss between two backtrackers -> clear
;assert 1

; I don't have good debug facilities atm (my HD died a few days ago),
; so bugs are likely.

;redcode-94 test
;author Robert Macrae
;name Hexagram
;assert CORESIZE==8000
;strategy Two-shot with SSSD clear

; Hexagram combines two 0.8c oneshots in a rather pretty 6-point
; scan to minimise triggering by the imp. When one strikes, it starts
; a single-process clear and the other continues scanning. Eventually
; I spawn multiple process to get draws if over-run.
; Strength -- fast stun of paper, assuming decoy is no problem.
; Weakness -- single clear so vulnerable to bomber.
;          -- only 5% better than Seven11; disappointing.

;name The Gray Killer
;author Christian Schmidt
;strategy against stone/paper/imp's a
;strategy small oneshot could give top
;strategy results. Ok, here is a backward
;strategy scanning ssd-oneshot, which is
;strategy a tournament optimized version of
;strategy van Dam's Scanny Boy.
;assert 1

;name In Valen's Name
;author Steve Gunnell
;strategy Submission for round 3 of Ian Oversby's tournament.
;strategy  It is a hacked over HSA with a spiral clear grafted
;strategy  onto the end and the constants optimised with a GA.
;strategy  I've tried several times to add a Qscan but every
;strategy  time the score drops right away. *sigh*
;strategy  HSA bomb changed to not trigger its own scan.
;strategy  Spiral clear bombs with spl for a while to reinforce
;strategy  stunning. (paper heavy warriors were breaking out).
;strategy  Scan to head at kill-1 causes much better stunning.
;strategy  Lucky it doesn't have to face serious djn streams 8-).
;assert 1

;name H-Bomb 9
;author Josh Yeager
;strategy Two multipass cc's running in parallel pspaced with paper.
;assert 1

;name Upside Ya head
;author Simon Duff
;strategy P-Warrior
;strategy   ->  Simple Vampire       (SCISSORS)
;strategy   ->  Stone/Imp            (ROCK)
;assert 1