Round 4 Author Strategy Lines and Comments

;name Darkish Grey Warrior Thingy
;author WFB
;strategy For Oversby's Tournament Round 4.
;strategy Hmmm...this'll probably be bad....
;strategy Please don't laugh...

;name I hope this works...
;author Josh Yeager
;strategy Split one Benj's,one Carbonite , one imp, and make a cc.
;strategy Wonder if the cc'll be worth it?

;name Assugg 
;author Robert Macrae
;strategy Build a core clear

; It would be nice to build a couple of hand-tuned bombers, add an
; imp-killer and space them so that they only lost to the papers...
; but I have simply not got time. Anyway, I liked that clear Joonas
; used last time...

;name Test - Pure Stone w/ boot
;author Andrew Mehlos
;strategy Stone

;author PVK
;name My Grey Warrior

;name Let's Run Benj's Revenge
;author Robert Hale
;strategy early testing indicate benj's revenge does best
;strategy so due to the holidays I run benj's revenge
;strategy the rest is dead weight

;name Burning Water
;author Christian Schmidt
;strategy stone/paper
;strategy it's a slightly optimized version
;strategy of my round 3 'Gray Victim' but without
;strategy launching those useless imps ;-)