Round 6 Author Strategy Lines and Comments

;name Waiter 
;author Robert Macrae
;assert CORESIZE == 8000
;strategy Table-based switcher with clear, paper, impstone and CLP.
; Aims to use clear most of the time -- if the other components  
; fail, they revert to clear so it is tried frequently. CLP appears 
; only if paper loses (I assume this must be a clear) and disappears
; as soon as it loses (most likely because a P-Spacer has shifted).
; Other components draw rather too much, but can handle enemies like
; DAT bombers and 7-point imps which the clear cannot.

;name I-Deserve-Your-Ridicule
;author John Metcalf
;strategy a scanner which doesn't stand a chance. Just
;strategy had to write a scanner for the round which
;strategy is extremely hostile to them ;-)
;assert 1
; arrrghhh - no time to finish it off. Not even tested
; it :-( I did want to also scan for identical core at
; a distance of 2667 to catch imps, but...
; I'll write a serious entry for the next round :-P

;name PC
;author WFB
;strategy Yet another lame imp-stone.  No boot.

;redcode-94 test
;name Pizza Vulcano
;author Christian Schmidt
;strategy pwarrior with 4 compounds
;strategy no.1 'Curious Little Program'
;strategy      deadly against coreclears and
;strategy      pwarrior which starts with it
;strategy no.2 'Double D'
;strategy      deadly against heavy stone/imps
;strategy      but also good against clear/imps
;strategy no.3 'paris'
;strategy      against paper, sometimes :-(
;strategy no.4 silk/imps
;strategy      tie if I can't kill 'em

;name Catfish
;author Steve Gunnell
;strategy A mix of components: a Oneshot/spl/dat clear from Alladins
;strategy Cave, a sdd coreclear from Recycled Bits, a D-Clear, and
;strategy the paper from Benj's Revenge. And my own p-switcher.
;strategy I'm not sure why the oneshot works. It just does OK?

;name The Ankh
;author M Joonas Pihlaja
;strategy p-space: clp -> (clear, imp/stone)
;strategy I wonder if some of this booting is necessary?
;strategy Perhaps I'm only being paranoid but... in case /someone/
;strategy comes up with a sick way of (Q-)scanning/bombing or some such.
;TOA98CT round 6