Round 7 Author Strategy Lines and Comments

;name Last Laugh 2
;author Robert Macrae
;strategy  Quickvamp + Tiny Vamp with Thorough Trap
;strategy   -- Hope that, once I win, I win for good! 

; Hmmm... with only 20 minutes to the deadline, I don't have much
; room to get clever. I have moved some code a little in case 
; anyone picks a tuned counter. Shame really -- this strategy can
; be improved enormously. My favourite would be a really heavy 
; defensive Silk-Imp to cover the losses, and something like a 
; washing HSA to follow up the wins... Ho hum.

; If I'm losing, I launch a small vampire. 
; If I'm winning, I try a small quickvamp first.
; Hope I haven't missed a killer strategy...

;name Laugh-all-you-like
;author John Metcalf
;strategy Trying to write something unexpected again! Comprehensive
;strategy testing showed it neither suicides or refuses to assemble.
for 0
  Unrolled stun bombing loop with p-spaced entry-point, -> dclear.
  Slightly better scorewise than no enty at all! Doesn't throw a
  bomb until the four cycle and no doubt everyone else will throw
  a bomb on their second by storing the location to bomb in
  p-space :-( However, it probably has one advantage over all other
  entries! It took me 20 mins to write, and I can go cycling while
  everyone else is still coding ;-)
;name sliver
;assert 1
;author Paul-V Khuong
;strat 2 clear, 1 big and 1 little. The big one checks for incoming clears

;name Digital DNA
;author Christian Schmidt
;strategy stone,clear
;assert 1
;After loading the gameclock, two 2c Quickbomber try to hit
;the enemy before booting. In the meanwhile two d-clears are
;booted away to a point which is set by the gameclock. The
;start of them are delayed until the qbombers are finished.