Round 8 Author Strategy Lines and Comments

;name 8001: A Corewar Odyssey
;author Ben Ford
;strategy qscan -> paper
;strategy Mostly taken from John Metcalf's Innocuous.
;strategy I couldn't find anything to beat it (in the
;strategy little time I took) so I hope he does not
;strategy mind me using it.
;strategy Added dual bomber to qscan based on the one
;strategy in Fixed.

;name 8001:  A Pathetic Odyssey
;author WFB
;strategy Yet another lame imp-stone.
;strategy For Ian's Round 8.
;strategy This is barely tested.  All I did was change a few numbers...
;strategy Not to mention the fact that I know almost nothing about imps.
;strategy I'm not sure how well the imp will work with the changes I made...
;strategy Oh well.  I just wanna keep 4th.  I got about 100 points ahead and
;strategy Behind me, so it shouldn't be too hard.  Knowing me, however...
;strategy As I said, this is a lousy imp-stone I made for Weasel.
;strategy Just changed the constants.  Kept the spl 0.  Otherwise it suicides
;strategy A whole lot faster...=)
;strategy I should make a p-spacer or include something to kill paper but
;srategey it is I...WFB!  Record holder for longest time playing and still
;strategy Getting nowhere on the -b hill.  Whatever.  Ciao...

;name He Scans Again (Revised)
;author Robert Macrae after P.Kline
;strategy Trivial mod to HSA, using SPL #0, {0 bomb and sne.f
;strategy to avoid rebombing trails.

;name 5 minute warrior
;author Paul-V Khuong

;name Give it a Proper Name
;author M Joonas Pihlaja
;strategy p-space: scanner, paper