P-Robots is a Pascal programming game inspired by CROBOTS and released in 1988 by David Malmberg. The object of the game is to write a program in a subset of Pascal control a battle robot. Up to four robots take part in a mêlée battle with the survivor being declared winner.


Programs are written in a subset of Pascal and control a robot using the following functions:

drive(direction,speed)Set the direction (0..359) and speed (0..100) for the robot to move
speedReturn speed (0..100)
loc_xReturn x-coordinate (0..999)
loc_yReturn y-coordinate (0..999)
scan(direction,resolution)Scan in direction (0..359) with resolution (0..10) and return range
cannon(direction,range)Fire missile in direction (0..359) with range (0..700)
damageReturn damage sustained (0..100)
timeReturn the current time measured in CPU cycles (0..32767)
distance(x1,y1,x2,y2)Return the distance between two points in the arena
angle_to(x,y)Return the angle to a point in the arena
random(limit)Return a random number (0..limit)
sqrt(n)Return the square root of n
sin(n)Return the sine of n° (0..359)
cos(n)Return the cosine of n° (0..359)
arctan(n)Return the arctangent of n

Robots battle in a 1000×1000 metre arena. A robot is damaged when it's successfully attacked or involved in a collision and destroyed when its damage counter reaches 100%.

The complete specification is available in the P-Robots manual.

Version 3.0+ adds new features including bombs, cloaking device, shields and teams. Details are in the P-Robots 4.0 manual.


P-Robots was published as shareware by Softworks for DOS and the Mac in 1988, priced $20. Registered users received a copy of the source code. In 1994 P-Robots was relicensed as freeware.

P-Robots title screen P-Robots arena view