A Robot Challenge To The World

P-Robots are created using Turbo® Pascal procedures. They have Radar, which can identify an enemy's direction and distance, a Cannon which can fire to a given range and bearing, different weights of shielding, bombs and a cloaking device. It is even possible for two robots to join forces and communicate their current damage and armament status over a private "radio" channel.

Each robot can be configured to use different strengths of warhead, engines, cloaking, shielding and fuel capacities - but at a price.

We started playing with P-Robots earlier this year and have already had a local level play-off. Danny, Brett, Mark and Byron spent several weeks writing robots and putting them into the "ring" with the demonstration robots that came with the program. When they could beat the demo robots they started in on each other. But we need some "Fresh Meat"! Are you ready for the challenge?

If there is enough interest outside of TSC we would like to have a full scale tournament with competitions in "Weight" Classes; eg Under 2 KB, Under 6 KB, Under 10 KB and Unlimited. It would also be interesting to award prizes for The Lightest 90% Winner, The Quickest Victory and the Overall Complete Champion of The Match.

If you are interested in taking up the challenge, start by downloading the program file. download P-Robots Examine the sample robots carefully to get an idea of the strategies they use. Then, make up one of your own. Challenge a friend to a match. Then download our"B-Team" examples. (Hey, you're not getting the good stuff until you agree to meet us on the cyberfield of battle!)

When you think you have a contender, let us know about it and we'll organise a meeting place or an exchange of combattants.