Return of the Fugitive is a paper/imp with silk-imps and spiral forming steps which entered the Pizza 94 hill on 30th July 1999 and survived 109 challenges before the server closed in June 2001. The qscan is documented in Core Warrior issue 84 and David published a C program to calculate the constants.

;name Return of the Fugitive
;author David Moore
;strategy qscan, silk, imps
;assert 1

factor equ 5020
qA equ 213
qB equ 2792
qC equ 3742
qD equ 6321
qE equ 900
qF equ 2317

; quick bomb

decode  mul.b      *2,  dest
decide  sne   {table1, @dest
        add.b  table2,  dest
        mov      wash, >dest
        mov     jbomb, >dest   dest,  dest
        mov     dbomb, *dest
        mov     dbomb, @dest
dest    mov        24, @factor
        sub      qsub,  dest
        djn        -4, #5
        djn.f    boot, #0

wash    stp.ab  #qF+117, #qF
jbomb   djn.f      -1,  -1
dbomb   dat       {-1, <11

; quick scan

qscan   seq dest+factor, dest+factor+qD
qsub    jmp decide, 23   ; jmp -15, 23

        sne dest+factor*qE, dest+factor*qE+qE
	seq <table2+1, dest+factor*(qE-1)+(qE-1)
        jmp decode, }decode+2

        sne dest+factor*qF, dest+factor*qF+qD
	seq <wash, dest+factor*(qF-1)+qD
        jmp decode, }decode

        sne dest+factor*qA, dest+factor*qA+qD
	seq <table1-1, dest+factor*(qA-1)+qD
        djn.a decode, {decode

        sne dest+factor*qB, dest+factor*qB+qD
	seq <table1, dest+factor*(qB-1)+qD
        jmp decode, {decode

        sne dest+factor*qC, dest+factor*qC+qC
	seq <table2-1, dest+factor*(qC-1)+(qC-1)
        jmp decode, {decode+2

        seq dest+factor*(qC-2), dest+factor*(qC-2)+(qC-2)
        djn decode, {decode+2

        sne dest+factor*qD, dest+factor*qD+qD
	seq <table2, dest+factor*(qD-1)+(qD-1)
        jmp decode, qA

table1  djn.f boot, #qB

    dat 0,0

; Silk with Imps

impy equ 2667
aaa  equ 1880
bbb  equ 2050
ccc  equ  240

boot    spl 1, >qC
table2  spl 1, >qD
        spl 1, >qE
        mov <1, {1
        spl ccc+paper+8, paper+8

paper   spl  @0, >aaa
        mov }-1, >-1
        spl  @0, >bbb
        mov }-1, >-1
        spl  @0, <2668
        mov }-1, >-1
        mov.i #2*aaa, }-aaa
        mov.i #bbb, impy

end qscan