Revenge of the Papers is an anti-imp paper which entered's 94nop hill on 17th October 2002 and reached age 605 before being pushed off on 13th April 2003. Revenge of the Papers also survived 204 challenges on's 94 hill.

;name Revenge of the Papers
;author Fizmo+Roy
;strategy Papers...and a scan...thats all!
;assert 1

org qGo

;constants for the coreclear paper
nstep1 equ 1319
cstep1 equ 1871
tstep1 equ 1471

pAw1   equ 6000
pAw2   equ 2000

pGo   spl    1,    <pGo+1169
      spl    1,    <pGo+1217
      spl    1,    <pGo+1482

      mov    {cp,    {pBo1
pBo1  spl    pEnd+pAw1,{2093

      mov    {pEnd,    {pBo2
pBo2  jmp    pEnd+pAw2,{2093

cp    spl    @pEnd,  <tstep1
      mov.i  }cp,    >cp
nothA spl    @nothA, <cstep1
      mov.i  }nothA, >nothA
nothB spl    @nothB, <nstep1
      mov.i  }nothB, >nothB
bomb  mov.i  #1,     <1
cc    djn    -2,     <2335

pEnd  dat    0,      0

for   42
      dat    0,      0

;constants for the quickscanner
qf 	equ 	qKil
qs      equ     200
qd 	equ 	4000
qi      equ     14
qr      equ     8
qBmb	dat    {qi*qr-10, {1
qGo  	seq    qd+qf+qs, qf+qs
     	jmp    qSki, {qd+qf+qs+qi+2
     	sne    qd+qf+5*qs, qf+5*qs
     	seq    qf+4*qs, {qTab
	jmp    qFas, }qTab
     	sne    qd+qf+8*qs, qf+8*qs
     	seq    qf+7*qs, {qTab-1
     	jmp    qFas, {qFas
	sne    qd+qf+10*qs, qf+10*qs
     	seq    qf+9*qs, {qTab+1
	jmp    qFas, }qFas
	seq    qd+qf+2*qs, qf+2*qs
	jmp    qFas, {qTab
	seq    qd+qf+6*qs, qf+6*qs
	djn.a  qFas, {qFas
	seq    qd+qf+3*qs, qf+3*qs
      jmp    qFas, {qd+qf+3*qs+qi+2
	sne    qd+qf+14*qs, qf+14*qs
	seq    qf+13*qs, <qTab
	jmp    qSlo, >qTab
	sne    qd+qf+17*qs, qf+17*qs
	seq    qf+16*qs, <qTab-1
	jmp    qSlo, {qSlo
	seq    qd+qf+11*qs, qf+11*qs
	jmp    qSlo, <qTab
	seq    qd+qf+15*qs, qf+15*qs
	djn.b  qSlo, {qSlo
	sne    qd+qf+12*qs, qf+12*qs
	jmz    pGo, qd+qf+12*qs-qi

qSlo qTab,   qTab
qFas  mul.ab qTab,   qKil
qSki  sne    qBmb-1, @qKil
      add    #qd,    qKil
qLoo  mov.i  qBmb,   @qKil
qKil  mov.i  qBmb,   *qs
      sub.ab #qi,    qKil
      djn    qLoo,   #qr
      jmp    pGo,    <-4000
      dat    5408,   7217
qTab  dat    4804,   6613
dSrc  dat    5810,   qBmb-5