Robot is a programming game for the Processor Technology Sol-20 computer designed by Ray G White in 1983. The object of the game is to write a program to control the movement, scanner, shields, cloaking device and weapon of a battle robot. Two robots are placed in a battle arena with the survivor being declared winner.


Robots are controlled by programs written in a simple BASIC-like programming language with 17 system registers and 2 user registers. The following commands and registers are supported:

ACharges remaining on shield
BPower remaining on cloaking device
CPower remaining on jamming device
DShield status — 0 = off, 1 = on
ECloaking device status — 0 = off, 1 = on
FJamming device status — 0 = off, 1 = on
GObstacles — 0 = off, 1 = on
HCurrent x-coordinate (1..62)
ICurrent y-coordinate (1..14)
JOpponent's x-coordinate (1..62)
KOpponent's y-coordinate (1..14)
LObstacle ahead (0..5)
MGun status — 0 = failed, 1 = okay
NForward / right status — 0 = failed, 1 = okay
OReverse / left status — 0 = failed, 1 = okay
PScanner status — 0 = failed, 1 = okay
QCurrent direction (0..7)
R, SUser registers
PAUSEWait 1 turn
GOTO(<line>)Go to line <line>
ENDEnd program
FORWARDMove forward one unit
REVERSEMove back one unit
SCANActivate the scanner and set the scan registers
LEFT(<val>)Turn anticlockwise <val> octants
RIGHT(<val>)Turn clockwise <val> octants
FIRE(<val>)Fire <val> octants clockwise from current direction
CLOAKONActivate cloaking device
CLOAKOFFDeactivate cloaking device
JAMONActivate jamming device
JAMOFFDeactivate jamming device
SHIELDONActivate shields
SHIELDOFFDeactivate shields
LET(<reg>)=RANDOM(<val>)Set <reg> to a random number (1..<val>)
LET(<reg>)=(<val>)Set <reg> to <val>
INCREMENT(<reg>)Add 1 to <reg>
DECREMENT(<reg>)Subtract 1 from <reg>
IF(<reg>)=(<val>)GOTO(<line>)If <reg> equals <val> then goto <line>
IF(<reg>)<(<val>)GOTO(<line>)If <reg> is less than <val> then goto <line>
IF(<reg>)>(<val>)GOTO(<line>)If <reg> is greater than <val> then goto <line>

Robots battle in a 62×14 arena which may also contain land mines, electric fences and blockades. Robots have enough energy for ~750 turns and are damaged by collisions, being shot and firing with shields on.

The complete specification is available in the Robot manual.


Robot menu screenshot Robot arena screenshot