Robot Arena is an educational programming game for the Research Machines 380Z written by Peter Jowett and published by Software Production Associates in 1985, priced £29. The aim of the game is to design a program in the Logo-like ROBOL programming language to control a virtual robot. Robot Arena was marketed as an educational game and supplied with a teachers booklet and pupils workbook.


'The remainder of this line is a comment
forward(<n>)Move forward <n> steps
backwards(<n>)Move back <n> steps
rotate(<n>)Turn <n> degrees
head(<n>)Turn to face in the direction <n> degrees
repeat <n> times … againRepeat a section of code <n> times
repeat forever … againRepeat a section of code indefinitely
exitLeave the innermost repeat loop
if <cond> then …
[ else … ] endif
If <cond> is true then execute the first section of code
Otherwise execute the optional second section
to <name>(<var>) … returnDefine a new word
radar(<n>)Scan at <n> degrees and return range and object
launch(<n>)Fire a missile in direction heading with range <n>
laser(<n>)Fire a laser in direction <n>
shield(ON / OFF)Switch the defensive shield on / off
<var> ← <n>Assign a value to a variable
System VariableDescription
rangeDistance to object found by radar
objectObject found by radar (ROBOT / FLASH / MISSILE / WALL)
headingCurrent heading
xposCurrent x-coordinate
yposCurrent y-coordinate
damageDamage status
armedMissile armed and ready to fire? (TRUE / FALSE)
XMAXThe maximum x-coordinate
YMAXThe maximum y-coordinate
othersThe number of other robots in the arena


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