Rust [v0.2] is a paper with a separate vortex launcher which entered the 94nop hill on 5th December 2005 and survived 350 challenges before being pushed off on 27th May 2006. Rust also reached age 45 on the 94 hill.

;author inversed
;name Rust
;strategy qS -> anti-imp paper / imp launcher
;assert (CORESIZE==8000) && (MAXPROCESSES==8000)

; My first warrior that entered HoF
; Lived to age of 350 at 94nop
; In Rust We Trust :)

;.....P a p e r....;
ofs0    equ     7472
ofs1    equ     5987
ofs2    equ     2935
bofs1   equ     6830
bofs2   equ     3824

;......I m p.......;
idj     equ     6865
dji     equ     407
istep   equ     1143
iofs    equ     5770
io      equ     4719

;.....q S c a n....;
qf      equ     4873
qy      equ     2937
dq      equ     (qy+1)%CORESIZE
qa1     equ     (1+qf*(qt1-1-found))%CORESIZE
qa2     equ     (1+qf*(qt1  -found))%CORESIZE
qb1     equ     (1+qf*(qt2-1-found))%CORESIZE
qb2     equ     (1+qf*(qt2  -found))%CORESIZE
qb3     equ     (1+qf*(qt2+1-found))%CORESIZE
qc2     equ     (1+qf*(qt3  -found))%CORESIZE
qt3     equ     qbomb

;......M i s c.....;
org     qgo


        dat     0,      {qb1
qt2     spl     1,      {qb2
        mov.i   -1,     #qb3

silk0   spl     @0,     <ofs0
        mov     }silk0, >silk0
        mov     }silk0, >silk0
silk1   spl     @0,     <ofs1
        mov     }silk1, >silk1
        mov     pbomb,  >bofs1
        mov     pbomb,  }bofs2
        mov     {silk1, <silk2
silk2   jmp     @0,     >ofs2
pbomb   dat     <2667,  <5334

        for     15
        dat     0,      0

wgo     mov     imp,    imp+iofs+io
        spl     1,      qa1
qt1     spl     1,      qa2
        mov     <bp1,   {bp1
        spl     silk0-1,0
        spl     1,      0
bp1     jmp     imp+iofs,       imp

        spl     #0,     0
        add.x   imp+io, iptr
iptr    djn.f   imp-istep-1+io, {idj
        dat     0,      0
imp     mov.i   #dji,   istep

        for     24
        dat     0,      0

        ;q0 mutations
qgo     sne     found+dq*qc2,   found+dq*qc2+qb2
        seq     <qt3,           found+dq*(qc2-1)+qb2
        jmp     q0,             }q0

        sne     found+dq*qa1,   found+dq*qa1+qb2
        seq     <qt1-1,         found+dq*(qa1-1)+qb2
        djn.a   q0,             {q0

        sne     found+dq*qa2,   found+dq*qa2+qb2
        seq     <qt1,           found+dq*(qa2-1)+qb2
        jmp     q0,             {q0

        ;q1 mutations
        sne     found+dq*qb1,   found+dq*qb1+qb1
        seq     <qt2-1,         found+dq*(qb1-1)+(qb1-1)
        jmp     q0,             {q1

        sne     found+dq*qb3,   found+dq*qb3+qb3
        seq     <qt2+1,         found+dq*(qb3-1)+(qb3-1)
        jmp     q0,             }q1

        ;no mutation
        sne     found+dq*qb2,   found+dq*qb2+qb2
        seq     <qt2,           found+dq*(qb2-1)+(qb2-1)
        jmp     q0,             0

        ;dq mutation
        seq     >found,         found+dq+(qb2-1)
        jmp     qsel,           <found

        ;q0 mutation
        seq     found+(dq+1)*(qc2-1),   found+(dq+1)*(qc2-1)+(qb2-1)
        jmp     q0,                     }q0

        seq     found+(dq+1)*(qa2-1),   found+(dq+1)*(qa2-1)+(qb2-1)
        jmp     q0,                     {q0

        seq     found+(dq+1)*(qa1-1),   found+(dq+1)*(qa1-1)+(qb2-1)
        djn.a   q0,                     {q0

        ;free scan
        jmz.f   wgo,                    found+(dq+1)*(qb2-1)+(qb2-1)

q0      mul.b   *q1,     found
qsel    sne     <qt1,   @found
q1      add.b   qt2,     found

qoff    equ     -86
qtime   equ     20
qstep   equ     7

qloop   mov     qbomb,  @found
found   mov     qbomb,  }dq
        add     #qstep, found
        djn     qloop,  #qtime
        jmp     wgo,    0
qbomb   dat     {qoff,  {qc2