BIG LP NO-PSPACE (Deadline: 15th June 2002)


The second round will take place using the parameters of the large experimental hill with two differences. The use of p-space is not allowed, and also, the maximum number of processes per warrior is limited to 8.

Once again, you may enter up to two warriors. Your score for the round will be the score of your highest ranking warrior.

pmars -s 55440 -p 8 -c 500000 -l 200 -d 200

Many published limited process warriors will work effectively in a 55440 cell core without modification. Find out which ones and use these as test opponents.

Good luck :-)


Round 2 inspired a smaller turnout than the previous round, with 9 authors submitting 17 warriors in all. The warriors played round robin in a large limited process core, with a total of 10000 rounds per battle. 63 hours, 11 minutes and 20 seconds later there emerged a clear winner from the afray, boasting an impressive 61.4% wins.

Janeczek's FragPaper has top spot - being a stone/paper similar in principle to Tempest. A stone/paper also holds second place, this time being Gunnell's Hov Test, closely followed by the first of Hillis's evolved warriors.

A little further down, we find Ford's scanner and Wainwright's paper in ranks 6 and 7. Thorne's vampire takes 10th place. Macrae holds 12th rank with a bomber, however much more interesting is his other entry, a triad of mutually repairing scanners. Finally we have Moore's clear at 14th and WFB's bomber at 16th.

161.415.523.1FragPaperMichal Janeczek207.39100.0
246.316.137.6Hov Test Tiny 4Steve Gunnell176.3685.0
346.818.934.3rdrc_biglp1Dave Hillis174.7584.3
449.233.217.7Bugtown Rap 9Steve Gunnell165.1379.6
548.938.212.9rdrc_biglp2Dave Hillis159.5977.0
646.037.616.4lockdownBen Ford154.3974.4
737.827.235.0pure paperSimon Wainwright148.3571.5
844.741.314.0heLPSimon Wainwright148.2171.5
944.440.814.81hxMichal Janeczek147.8971.3
1041.842.515.7Slimy Time VampPhilip Thorne141.0268.0
1141.744.913.4LoClairPhilip Thorne138.4466.8
1239.753.07.3DB2Robert Macrae126.4161.0
1331.639.528.8MimpBen Ford123.7459.7
1434.762.82.4PinprickDavid Moore106.6451.4
1524.744.930.4In Search of EfficientRobert Macrae104.3750.3
1631.264.44.4DwarfedWinston Featherly-Bean98.0147.3
1718.268.213.6Dwarfed AgainWinston Featherly-Bean68.3232.9

To summarize the stategies used, there are three dat bombers (at ranks 12, 16 and 17) - two each of stone/paper (1, 2), evolved warrior (3, 5), vampire (4, 10), scanner (6, 9), clear (11, 14) - and just one paper (7), stun bomber (8), mirrored imp (13) and self-repair (15).