'88 EXTENDED CYCLES (Deadline: 14th September 2002)


For round three, warriors will compete in a core similar to the '88 standard hill. Two differences are to be implemented, intended to reduce the advantage held by tie-prone warriors.

The number of cycles until declaring a tie is to be increased to 800000. Also, the number of points for a win will be doubled, to reduce the relative value of a tie.

As before, you may enter either one or two warriors. Your score for the round will be the score of your highest ranking warrior.

pmars -8 -c 800000 -= 11-s*5

Good luck :-)


Once again there are 17 entries from 9 authors, this time competing using '88 standard redcode, coresize 8000. To reduce the advantage imp warriors seem to enjoy in the '88 environment, the rules for round 3 differ in two ways from the settings of the '88 standard hill at KotH.

In round 3 a tie is not declared until 800000 cycles have passed. Also, a win is worth 6 points instead of the more usual 3. But will this be enough to discorage tie-prone warriors? Each pair of warriors battled for 4000 rounds. 14 hours, 51 minutes and 03 seconds later we have our answer...

Janeczek takes first place with Quicksilver '88 (qscan -> stone/imp) while Wainwright's Return to the Citadel (qscan -> paper/imp) takes second place.

Once again Hillis evolves a formidable opponent to claim third. Stone/imps feature again in ranks 4 (Espiritu's) and 6 (Gunnell's). Ford, Thorne and Grabun are next, each with a dat bomber. Finally, we have a .4c vampire with airbag from Moore.

156.917.625.4Quicksilver '88Michal Janeczek366.90100.0
249.319.531.2Return to the CitadelSimon Wainwright327.0889.1
350.733.216.2rdrc: Gymnosperm TrickeryDave Hillis320.2287.3
447.018.234.8Positive Knife '88Ken Espiritu316.7686.3
550.340.88.9vm5Michal Janeczek310.9184.7
644.118.337.6+1 StormbringerSteve Gunnell302.2082.4
743.642.813.5Skewer '88Ben Ford275.4175.1
843.751.74.5TrItE FighterPhilip Thorne266.8972.7
941.550.87.7tombstoneSimon Wainwright256.6870.0
1040.554.25.3st2Lukasz Grabun248.1867.6
1140.053.36.7Silver Talon '88Ben Ford246.4367.2
1239.555.15.4Brazen hussySteve Gunnell242.3066.0
1337.252.710.0Tangle Trap 2David Moore233.3963.6
1435.856.87.4Mobility 8000David Moore222.3260.6
1532.239.228.6rdrc: Flam DownpourDave Hillis221.6260.4
1635.958.16.0FilchDPhilip Thorne221.2260.3
1732.758.39.0stLukasz Grabun204.9455.9

There are five dat bombers (holding ranks 7, 8, 10, 16, 17) - three stone/imps (1, 4, 6) - two each of evolved warriors (3, 15), bombers (9, 14) and scanners (11, 12) - and just one paper/imp (2), oneshot (5) and vampire (13).