RESTRICTED LENGTH (Deadline: 30th November 2002)


Round four will be fought using extended '94 rules, as used by both Pizza's draft and beginner hills. The maximum warrior length is reduced to 50 to discourage complex p-spacers and qscans.

pmars -l 50

A similar round was held in 1998 as part of the Redcode Maniacs Tournament. Check which warriors were successful then on Philip Kendall's Redcode Maniacs Round 1 page.

As usual, you can enter either one or two warriors. However, there will be one restriction. You may only enter one warrior which uses the LDP instruction. PIN numbers are disallowed.

Good luck :-)


A total of 13 authors and 23 warriors take part in the restricted length round, competing using '94 draft redcode, maximum length 50. Although each author can enter two warriors as usual, only one is permitted to make use of p-space.

For the second time Ben Ford takes first place with a oneshot. This time he uses Geist v0.1, which has recently been King of the '94nop hill. Holding a close second place is Michal Janeczek with a p-switcher: paper, scissors and stone.

Gunnell's procoptodon comes 4th, a scanner based on Hazy Lazy, while 5th is claimed by van Rijn with Neanderthaler (oneshot). Marsupial Lion (scanner) takes 6th for Schmidt, followed by p-switchers from Philip Thorne (7th) and Dave Hillis (9th).

#%WonLostTiedName AuthorScore%
155.233.311.5 Geist v0.1Ben Ford177.02100.0
251.829.019.3 MicrovenatorMichal Janeczek174.5598.6
353.733.113.1 Herbal AvengerMichal Janeczek174.2698.4
452.334.313.5 procoptodonSteve Gunnell170.2396.2
549.534.615.9 NeanderthalerRoy van Rijn164.3092.8
650.841.18.1 The Marsupial LionChristian Schmidt160.5690.7
747.136.816.1 Confused MothPhilip Thorne157.4889.0
848.140.211.7 Dire WolfPhilip Thorne155.9988.1
936.417.546.2 Bear DogDave Hillis155.2487.7
1033.313.852.9 Blue PikeRoy van Rijn152.8386.3
1133.416.550.1 Cheep! Half-Off!Ben Ford150.3384.9
1227.715.556.9 thylacineSimon Wainwright139.8679.0
1325.718.056.3 The Demon Duck of DoomChristian Schmidt133.4475.4
1427.024.248.8 MuttaburrasaurusSteve Gunnell129.7573.3
1519.714.266.1 DodoLukasz Grabun125.1670.7
1616.918.364.8 minotaurSimon Wainwright115.4965.2
1717.121.761.2 HallucinogeniaDave Hillis112.5063.6
1815.724.859.5 Little GirlSheep106.5360.2
1917.628.953.5 Smart ProtoceratopsGerman Labarga106.2660.0
2013.035.451.6 BrontosaurusGerman Labarga90.6651.2
212.642.954.4 TrinityDarek L.62.3535.2
227.266.626.2 Sea Minkbvowk47.7727.0 Coelacanthbvowk46.3426.2