TRI-ATHELON: BANNED ADD/SUB (Deadline: 11th January 2003)


All the greatest quiz shows give the competitors the chance to play for double the money in one of the final rounds. In the final joust of the tournament you will be seeking vital extra points as your warrior plays multi-warrior, round-robin, and against a benchmark of modern warriors.

The use of the sub and add opcodes is forbidden in round 5 entries. You may use p-space if you wish. PIN numbers are allowed, but must not be the same as the PIN numbers of another player.

Your score for each event will be the score of your highest entry. For round 5, your score is the sum of your scores over the three events, for a maximum of 300 points.

Last round's naming scheme proved popular, so if you're not sure what to call your round 5 entries, why not name them after comic book heroes and villains.

Good luck, and thank-you for taking part :-)


In round 5, competitors take part in three event. Warriors have been written without the use of the add / sub opcodes. Pattern bombers / scanners are still possible using mul, and several of these have been entered.

Our first event is multi-warrior, with three warriors in core, 5 points for a win, 2 points for a two-way tie, and 1 point for a three-way tie. All 969 combinations of three warriors are played:

#%WonLostTie2Tie3 NameAuthorScore% PostSteve Gunnell167.77100.0
223.848.710.517.0LuckyLukePhilip Thorne156.9393.5
35.810.035.848.4The DuelistMichal Janeczek149.0588.8
52.62.436.758.3BlackheartBen Ford144.6586.2
611.326.224.538.0DigimonChristian Schmidt143.5685.6
72.46.437.453.7PokemonChristian Schmidt140.6983.9
86.916.627.748.8Dan DareSimon Wainwright138.5782.6
96.618.430.045.0BravoLukasz Grabun137.9582.2
1019.452.711.016.8MagnetoRoy van Rijn135.9281.0
113.613.832.250.5ShadowfaxRoy van Rijn132.6879.1
123.113.932.350.6Jolly JumperPhilip Thorne130.8878.0
1310.938.021.529.6DixieLukasz Grabun126.9675.7
1411.338.819.530.3Commander HeliotornadoMichal Janeczek125.9875.1
151.411.627.259.8Ron PostSteve Gunnell121.3572.3 Ford116.6369.5
173.031.923.142.0Yak SnoutDave Hillis103.0961.4
182.740.520.336.5BonzoSascha Zapf90.6854.1
190.365.811.522.4MekonSimon Wainwright47.0128.0

The second is a standard round-robin battle, with no self-fights, 4 points for a win, and 1 point for a tie:

#%WonLostTiedName AuthorScore%
156.033.310.7Russ PostSteve Gunnell234.83100.0
242.527.929.6The DuelistMichal Janeczek199.5885.0
345.138.216.7LuckyLukePhilip Thorne197.2784.0
544.238.317.5MagnetoRoy van Rijn194.4182.8
637.821.041.2Commander HeliotornadoMichal Janeczek192.4281.9
726.418.155.4DigimonChristian Schmidt161.1268.6
823.317.659.1BravoLukasz Grabun152.3364.9
917.612.170.3ShadowfaxRoy van Rijn140.7859.9
1018.114.467.5Dan DareSimon Wainwright139.9959.6
1122.932.244.9DixieLukasz Grabun136.5658.2
1216.012.471.6Jolly JumperPhilip Thorne135.7557.8
1311.84.483.8PokemonChristian Schmidt131.1355.8
1411.23.685.2BlackheartBen Ford129.9255.3
1510.210.879.0Ron PostSteve Gunnell119.6450.9
1612.726.760.6SpidermanBen Ford111.3647.4
1714.934.051.1BonzoSascha Zapf110.6847.1
1812.434.353.3Yak SnoutDave Hillis102.9243.8
192.856.540.6MekonSimon Wainwright51.9822.1

The final event sees the entries battle against the 'White Army' benchmark of 20 warriors, 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie. The score of Commander Heliotornado just has to be admired:

#NameAuthor %W%L%TScore%
1Commander HeliotornadoMichal Janeczek542620182.30100.0
2LuckyLukePhilip Thorne404614134.1073.6
3PokemonChristian Schmidt211069131.6472.2
4BlackheartBen Ford181270123.3067.6
5BravoLukasz Grabun273142123.2467.6
6ShadowfaxRoy van Rijn242551122.5867.2
7Jolly JumperPhilip Thorne [PVK/JM]242649122.3167.1
8DigimonChristian Schmidt303931122.0266.9
9Dan DareSimon Wainwright223048114.6562.9
10Ron PostSteve Gunnell182358112.7061.8
11The DuelistMichal Janeczek284329112.4261.7
12DixieLukasz Grabun274528108.3259.4
13Russ PostSteve Gunnell33589108.2659.4
15MagnetoRoy van Rijn26581694.1151.6
16SpidermanBen Ford14414587.0847.8
17BonzoSascha Zapf16622270.4538.6
18Yak SnoutDave Hillis10573462.2634.2
19MekonSimon Wainwright7702345.2924.8

Among the entries, paper is the most common strategy, with 4 in total, (Jolly Jumper, Shadowfax, Spiderman and Ron Post). Also, there are 3 paper/imp (Pokemon, Bonzo and Blackheart) and a paper/clear (Bravo).

Oneshots are well represented with 3, (Lucky Luke, Huanchot and Magneto) and there's just one scanner (Russ Post). Two clear/imps (Dixie and Digimon) take part, as do an evolved warrior (Yak Snout) and an imp (Mekon). The remaining 3 warriors are p-spacers, (Dan Dare, The Duelist and Commander Heliotornado).

The total score for round 5:

1Michal Janeczek88.885.0100.0273.8
2Steve Gunnell100.0100.061.8261.8
3Philip Thorne93.584.073.6251.1
4Roy van Rijn81.082.867.2231.0
5German Labarga88.883.354.6226.7
6Christian Schmidt85.668.672.2226.4
7Lukasz Grabun82.264.967.6214.7
8Ben Ford86.255.367.6209.1
9Simon Wainwright82.659.662.9205.1
10Sascha Zapf54.147.138.6139.8
11Dave Hillis61.443.834.2139.4