TclRobots programming game

TclRobots is a programming game released by Tom Poindexter in August 1994 and influenced by his earlier game CROBOTS.

The aim of the game is to write a program in the Tcl scripting language to control the scanner, weapon and movement of a robot. The robots battle in an arena with the last robot standing being declared winner.


TclRobots v1.0 (53K) is the original, published in August 1994.

TclRobots v2.0 (73K) adds team communication, published in February 1996.

TclRobots has been updated by Jonas Ferry, Peter Spjuth and Martin Lindskog.


Tom Poindexter organised the first TclRobots Challenge in August 1994 with Jack Hsu claiming first place. Lionel Mallet, Stephen O. Lidie and Motonori Hirano received an honorable mention. The entries are available in challenge-1.tar.gz (17K).

Tom Poindexter organised the second TclRobots Challenge in March 1996. Stephen O. Lidie took first place with honorable mentions going to Laurent Demailly, Jim Eshleman, Magnus Lindberg and Paul E Coad. Entries are available in challenge-2.tar.gz (20K).