Thermite II is an incendiary bomber which entered the Pizza 94 draft hill on 19th January 1996 and survived to the age of 2262 before being knocked off in July. Thermite II was published in Core Warrior issue 24.

;name Thermite II
;author Robert Macrae
;assert CORESIZE == 8000
;strategy Same old strategy, but nastier...

; Therm 3.7 had everything I wanted for scan and bomber (Brand 3.3).
; Now check for any surplus cells, clean up logic, shuffle scan
;  -- the tedious stuff.
; *****  REMEMBER  *****  not to publish scan in this order!

; Therm 4.1 tries launching bomber, against oneshots!

org     start

qstep   equ     6                  ; gap between bombs
qrounds equ     8                  ; number of bombing runs
qgap    equ     (qrounds * qstep)  ; Space covered by each bomb-type
qspread equ     (qgap*3)           ; Total coverage

bigst   equ     113
qstart  equ     start+1000
qst     equ     qstart -(4*bigst)

; ------------------------------------------------------

qspb    spl     -1,      #qgap+1      ; 3 bombs for QS
qmvb    mov     -qgap,   >-qgap
qjmb    jmp     -qgap,   -2*qgap+qstep
qincr   dat     #qstep,  #qstep       ; step for QS

which   add.b   found,  found2    ; (From Pyramid)
        sne.i   @found, @found2   ; Is it in first two?
          add.ab  #2*bigst, found
        sne.i   qspb-1, @found    ; Is it first or third?
          add.ab  #bigst,found

        mov     qjmb,   @found
found   seq     qspb-1, *0        ; look qgap back from hit
         sub.ab #qgap/2, found    ; and sub qgap/2 if found.

qplace  add.b   found,  #-qgap/2+qstep+found
        mov.i   qspb,   @qplace   ; Preposition first SPL  found,  qstone
        add.b   found,  qstone    ; Initialise Tornado pointers

qst1    mov     qjmb,    *qstone       ; Tornado bombing engine
        mov     qmvb,    @qstone       ; "to fill enemy with hot
qstone  mov     @3*qgap/2+found, *qgap/2+found
        sub.f   qincr,   qstone        ; Adapted to SPL/MOV/JMP
        djn.b   qst1,    #qrounds      ; and to cover wider range.

launch  mov     cp,      cp+4000
lloop   mov     {launch, <launch
        mov     {launch, <launch
        mov     {launch, <launch
        djn     lloop,   #2
        mov     wipe,    wipe+4000-1
        mov     {-1,     <-1
        mov     sm,      sm+4000+3
found2  jmp     @launch, #bigst+found  ; pointer to second hit

;r edcode-94
;n ame Brand 3.3
;a uthor Robert Macrae
;s trategy Rebadged Torch :)
;s trategy New constants, anti-paper profile.

; 3.2 tried new constants with no trailing MOV and a 2603 runlength;
; 3.3 moves in gate and mvb for extra paper-resistance.

step1    equ   899
step2    equ   902

gate     dat   -100, 200
wipe     dat   -2, #cp-gate+2
; 1 DAT
sp       spl   #step2, step2+1
msm      mov   sm+3, *tgt+2*step1+step2
msp      mov   sp, @msm
in       add   #step1+step2, @msp
tgt      djn.f msm, <4502           ; bombed with spl to start clear
clr      mov   wipe-1, >gate-1
cp       djn.f clr, {gate-1
; 3 DATs
sm       mov   -step2, >-step2      ; mov half of the incendiary

         FOR 11
           dat 0, 0

s1 for 5
        sne.x   qst+4*bigst*s1, qst+4*bigst*s1+bigst*1
        seq.x   qst+4*bigst*s1+bigst*2, qst+4*bigst*s1+bigst*3
        mov.ab  #qst+4*bigst*s1-found, found
        jmn  which,   found
s2 for 5
        sne.x   qst+4*bigst*(s2+5), qst+4*bigst*(s2+5)+bigst*1
        seq.x   qst+4*bigst*(s2+5)+bigst*2, qst+4*bigst*(s2+5)+bigst*3
        mov.ab  #qst+4*bigst*(s2+5)-found, found
        jmn  which,   found
s3 for 5
        sne.x qst+4*bigst*(s3+10), qst+4*bigst*(s3+10)+bigst*1
        seq.x qst+4*bigst*(s3+10)+bigst*2, qst+4*bigst*(s3+10)+bigst*3
        mov.ab  #qst+4*bigst*(s3+10)-found, found
        jmn.b   which, found
        jmp     launch, {-500