The Core War Tribes Project Page

The Core War Tribes Project centered on developing a system for evolving Core Warriors, combatants in the game of Core War initially created by A.K. Dewdney in 1984. A highly portable MARS (Memory Array Redcode Simulator) has been developed in C++ for Win32 that implements most of the ICWS'94 draft standard.


Core War Tribes version 0.1.xxxx here. The setup program will guide you through the installation (and the uninstallation if needed).


Evolving Warriors by Linus Thorsell, an introduction to evolving Core Warriors and the Core War Tribes System.
For my teacher in Evolutional Computation: Please note that this project is a One Man Project.

Do not miss the original papers that started it all, by A.K. Dewdney, available locally.

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