Joshua / HarleyQ2 suggested the tiny hill specs in his 1996 post to Pizza's tiny hill opened for business later that year, on 14 November.

The tiny hill is now hosted by SAL.

Critics of the tiny hill would have you believe it dominated by one-shots, with no other strategy standing a chance! While one-shots place well for relatively little effort - they are at a disadvantage. Their score varies widely, depending on their opponent's steps, boot distance, etc. As authors of new entries take advantage of this, the one-shot's days on the hill are limited.

Check the Tiny Hall of Fame to see which warriors have survived longest on SAL's tiny hill.

Tinywarrior is a newsletter reporting on the latest events and techniques for the tiny hill. The latest issue is Tinywarrior 4.

Tiny Benchmarks (16K) contains the updated 2004 tiny benchmark. The results for some published warriors are here. (14K) contains the original 2002 tiny benchmark. The results for some published warriors are here. (9K) contains Franz's tiny evolver benchmark. The results for some published warriors are here.

Infinite Tiny Hill

All of the published hand-coded tiny warriors battle round robin on the Infinite Tiny Hill. Each confrontation between two warriors is played with all 1522 permutations of starting order and location (pmars -P). A small selection of evolved warriors has been included. This Self Organising Map of the Infinite Tiny Hill has kindly been created by Joonas.

RSS feed for the Infinite Tiny Hill.

Mystery Tiny Warrior

After creating one of my tiny warriors, I issued a challenge. Anyone who looks how Unknown scores and correctly determines the strategy will receive a copy of the code. Take a look at these results and see what you think it could be. Germán Labarga and Christian Schmidt both came up with the right answer.

Tiny Hints

  1. Try including a decoy-maker in your warrior. Lone Gunman uses one to gain 6% wins against the benchmark (2002), mostly taken from other one-shots.
  2. The smaller, faster varieties of paper are most effective (around 4 to 6 processes). Adding an extra silk module to the top invariably has a negative impact.
  3. A qscan can be an effective addition to your warrior. Digital Swarm contains the most compact tiny qscan. Trim a few scans from the beginning if required.
  4. A p-switcher implemented in just 4 lines can be found in Tiny Tim.