Tornado 3.0 is a SPL/MOV bomber which entered Pizza's 94 draft hill on 2nd February 1996 and survived until 20th May, finally leaving the hill age 1567. Tornado 3.0 was published in Core Warrior issue 25.

;name Tornado 3.0
;author Beppe
;strategy Fast 60% c bomber
;strategy v 3.0a new clear, paper and imp protection
;strategy decoymaker instead of boot
;assert CORESIZE==8000

dms     equ     25
dmd     equ     -2500
step    equ     -45
djnoff  equ     -2205
A       equ     43
B       equ     24

a for 13
        mov     >dmd-dms*a,{dmd-dms*(a+15)
       JMP.B    bombs,  >2975

        spl    #0,0

gate    dat     -100,   100
        dat    <-10,   <2667           ;anti imp bit
        dat     -4000,   djmp-gate+2
stclr   spl     #-3000,  djmp-gate+2
clear   mov     @djmp,  >gate
        mov     @djmp,  >gate
djmp    djn.b   clear,  {stclr
        dat     0,0
        dat     0,0

for B
        dat     0,0

bombs   spl     #step,  -step           ;hit spl
start1  sub     incr,   @b1
stone   mov     (0*step)+jump,*(1*step)+jump
b2      mov     bombs,  @stone
b1      mov     bombm,  *stone
jump    djn.f   start1, {djnoff         ;hit by spl
        jmp     stclr,  0
incr    dat     >-3*step,>-3*step
bombm   mov     {step,   1