Warrior Cycles is a programming game for the Commodore Amiga created by Rico Mariana and published in 1988. The game is played by writing a program to control a Tron-style light cycle.


Cycle programs can be written in any programming language and communicate with the Cycles server using messages. The following message functions are available:

Register(colour)Join the game. Set ⁎colour to the colour allocated
Retire()Leave the game
Inquire(x,y)Return TRUE if the cell at x, y is filled, otherwise FALSE
Look(direction)Return TRUE if the cell in direction is filled, otherwise FALSE
GetScreenMem()Return a pointer to a bitmap representing the current arena
GetInfo(x,y,direction)Set ⁎x, ⁎y and ⁎direction to the current x- and y-coordinate and direction
Direction(direction)Move in direction
Await()Join the next round

Up to six cycles enter the arena. A cycle leaves a trail in its wake and is destroyed if it hits a trail or the arena wall. The last surviving cycle is declared winner.


Warrior Cycles was published in the first issue of Transactor for the AMIGA, April 1988:

The following cycle programs are available:

Warrior Cycles for the Amiga by Rico Mariana


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