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Core War

I just got involved with Core War; I am just a beginner but this appears to be the game for me. I have already submitted a warrior to a competition. It did not do well at all, but that was to be expected. The rules were very limiting and it was my first attempt. I am just glad that I did not place last. I placed 20 out of 22. I know that does not seem that good, but I am glad that I even entered. At the time the contest was being run I had just gotten started. Translation: While looking for the redcode instruction set I ran across the competition. I had very little time to think about what kind of warrior I was going to make. That is also one reason I named it Dumb_Luck.

I hope this page will grow as I play the game more often and find more resources.

Here is the score list.

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  6882  2174   678   360            Dave Hillis
  5716  1765  1026   421  R-clear              Ken Espiritu
  5690  1787  1096   329  Petit Mal            Ransom Smith
  5634  1737  1052   423  00 Clear             Christian Schmidt
  5577  1623   881   708  invicta              John Lewis
  5273  1692  1323   197  Philosopher's Stone  John Metcalf
  5134  1535  1148   529  Target Practice      Brian Haskin
  4924  1532  1352   328  Those Lovely Bananan mjp
  4912  1509  1318   385  pumpkin 4x           simon wainwright
  4876  1343  1022   847  Little scare         Beppe Bezzi
  4318  1156  1206   850  Obvious              Leonardo H. Liporati
  4308   928   760  1524  Ring Thing           Simon Duff (sduff@cs
  4109  1088  1279   845  MyGunIsQuick         P.Kline
  4037  1273  1721   218  Red Carpet           Robert Macrae
  3892   913  1146  1153  IMT#2_w2             Herve Lepaisant
  3889   912  1147  1153  Nano paper III       Maurice Fernandez
  3771   854  1149  1209  Chihuahua Chalupa    David Moore
  3621   950  1491   771  hehehe               Anders Rosendal
  3562   966  1582   664  Mini-Me              WFB
  3078   973  2080   159  Dumb_Luck            Kevin Brunelle
  2732   325  1130  1757  A Little Something   Planar
  2307   543  1991   678  Evolved              C. Stubbs
You can take a look at Dumb_luck here.
Remember: These programs were limited to four instructions.

Hold on Kevin. I don't even know what Core War is.

"Okay, so this page is just dedicated to a stupid game. Who cares? What makes this game different from other games?"
You may have been asking yourself this. Well, this game is very different from other games. One of the big difference is that is leads to much more complicated topics. Computer program evolution and even AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Both these papers are really advanced and well done. They are worth a look if you still doubt the value of this game. And these are only two papers. I am sure there are others out there.

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