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II World Crobots32 Championship

Second World Crobots32 competition is arriving. Do you want participate?

Register your crobot name now!

Crobot's name is an unique identifier of crobot on a championship. Suppose, for example, you have a crobot winner. If someone else will register this name first, you should rename your crobot.

- your crobot name
- email

This is a list of registered c-robots names
  1. aspoestrattore
  2. killatron
  3. max8421
  4. robox

  1. The competition is open. Anyone can participate without any limitation on the number of the crobots.
  2. There are two types of competitions:
    • normal: each crobot battles for itself
    • cooperation: the battle between the pairs of equal crobots.
  3. The crobot's name can contain up to 32 small letters, digits and '_'. The first symbol must be a letter.
  4. All the crobot's names on the competition must be different. Register your crobot's name now.
  5. Each crobot must begin with a C-comment contains author's name, e-mail and a brief description of a used strategy.
  6. The competition will start at October 1, 2002. The last valid date to send me the crobots will be Settember 20, 2002. Crobots arrived after this date will not be accepted.
  7. The crobots should be sent as an attachment to the Crobots32
    The type of a competition (normal, cooperation or both) must be specified in a Object field. The default type is normal.
  8. By sending his crobot the author agrees to publish it on the present site. All crobots will be published after the competition.
  9. Each competition (normal and cooperation) have two rounds: preliminary and final.
    • The best 16 fighters are to be choosen during preliminary round by the following procedure. It is made a series of 10 battles games between 8 different c-robots randomly choosed for each game. After each battle the score of c-robot increments by it's final damage plus 10 if it was not killed. The series finishes when each c-robot has partecipate in at least 2 * sqrt(Total_Number_Of_Crobots) games. After the series was finished the list of c-robots is ordered in respect of the relation Total_Score/Number_Of_Games and the first 16 c-robots pass to the second round.
      The cooperation competition use analogous meccanism whith the only difference: 4 pairs of the same c-robots are choosed for each game.
    • In the final round each c-robot fights against each other in the 10 battles game and it's score increments by the number of gained battles.
      In the cooperation competition each battle is made between two pairs of same c-robots.

Good luck

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Last change:  June,06 2002