Listen to them — the children of the night. What music they make!”

Stoker, Bram Dracula 1897.

The Halloween Core War Tournament was held on 31st October and challenged players to pit vampire vs. non-vamp in a medium process standard core. Full details of the rules are available in the tournament announcement.

Congratulations to Inversed whose Core of Duty claimed an impressive 45 point lead and first prize — $50. Inversed also takes second prize with Mircalla, the highest scoring vampire — $25. The individual scores for each warrior are available.

Thanks to everyone who entered or helped to promote the tournament.

Final Scores

56638Core of Duty: Medium Process Warfareinversednon-vamp212.1
442432GarlicRoy van Rijnnon-vamp167.0
463322Buffette Fang-HunterRobert Macraenon-vamp161.6
47468The Fearless Vampire KillerChristian Schmidtnon-vamp147.3
434413TearsOfNuP. Klinevampire141.5
424315The Fearless VampireChristian Schmidtvampire141.4
45505BodgerP Thornenon-vamp139.8
44497invaders from pMarsSimon Wainwrightnon-vamp138.4
424612Dugite Test C 4Steve Gunnellvampire136.9
404515Count von CountS.Fernandesvampire133.8
394714TooMuchAtStakeRobert Macraevampire129.9
354421Blowtorch Test B 84Steve Gunnellnon-vamp125.6
385112TapirRoy van Rijnvampire123.8
263341Soul of the DamnedSimon Wainwrightvampire119.1
344917rdrc: Drowsy DecayDave Hillisnon-vamp118.9