The ICWS returned to The Computer Museum in Boston, Massachusetts to hold The Second Annual International Core Wars Society Tournament in November 1987. Over 140 entries were received and a preliminary round was held, with 30 warriors advancing to the semi-final.

The Japanese branch section held their own preliminary, with their top three warriors, E-Call, JR-26 and Parasite-6 also entering the semi-final.

The 33 semi-finalists battled round robin with the most successful eight progressing to the finals. The winners of the semi-final are Dracula, Ferret, JR-26, Kiss, Parasite-6, Piper, Plague and W2.

Entry length:512
Points win:3
Points tie:1

The eight warriors battled for three rounds against each other. The four lowest scoring programs were eliminated and the surviving warriors fought against their three remaining opponents. Two more warriors were knocked out, leaving Ferret and Plague to fight the final battle.


#Name Author
1stFerretRobert R. Reed III
2ndPlagueRon Paludan
3rdPiperChip Wendell

Robert R. Reed III took first place with Ferret, a linear scanning SPL wipe and was awarded the trophy incorporating a 1K-bit core plane.


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