In December 1988, the ICWS met at the offices of JT Technology in Los Angeles to hold their third annual Core War tournament. More than 60 warriors entered the preliminary rounds, with 15 progressing to the finals. The 1988 finalists are Asi-R, Cowboy, Death.s, Dr. Death, Dude, Fydgitr, Hit Hard 2, Immobilizer, Lux 2 T, Mule DNA, Sieve, Slaver, Wally, Wasp Nest and Wipe 5.

For the first time, a cash prize was on offer to the top three warriors, sponsored by Turing Omnibus. A clear winner emerged from the round robin, with an incredible 82% wins.


#Name AuthorPrize
1stCowboyEugene P. Lilitko [U.S.S.R.] $250
2ndLux 2 TLuca Crosara [Italy] $100
3rdMule DNADouglas McDaniels [U.S.A.] $50

Eugene P. Lilitko took first place with Cowboy, a warrior which attempts to capture the opponent's processes and evade approaching attacks.


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