The 6th Annual ICWS Tournament took place in early 1992, with entries submitted by the Spanish Branch Section (Sociedad Española de Redcode) and the Electronic Branch Section.

The 16 entries fought in a round robin tournament, with self fights and 2 rounds per match. The tournament was governed by CWS'88, 3 points per win, 1 point for a tie.


#%W%L %TNameAuthor Score XTCStefan Röttger234.4
268.821.99.4 Fernandez215.6
356.331.312.5 Vlad (the Impaler)David Bofinger & T. J. Allen181.3
453.128.118.8 AraniaCristobal Jiménez López & Juan A. Molina Corpas178.1
553.137.59.4 QuarterStefan Hänßgen168.8
646.928.125.0 Laevsl165.6
746.934.418.8 Electro159.4
846.950.03.1 Sonic KobaldDavid Bofinger & T. J. Allen143.8
940.640.618.8 KKJuan Manuel Rodríguez Ibañez140.6
1034.440.625.0 Ayla128.1
1137.553.19.4 R.I.P.Jose María Badía García121.9
1228.140.631.3 Minador115.6
1315.653.131.3 DACMark A. Durham78.1
149.453.137.5 InfluenzaDavid Bofinger & T. J. Allen65.6
159.453.137.5 SpiderMorten Due Joergensen65.6
163.140.656.3 Milikk65.6


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