The ICWS 1992 Tournament received a total of 21 entries and took place in December 1992. The entries were divided into two qualifying rounds, with the top four from each progressing to the final.

Entry length:300
Points win:3
Points tie:1


#Name AuthorScore
1stReturn of the Living Dead 2.2Nándor Sieben27
=Leprechaun 1bAnders Ivner27
3rdGriffin 2Anders Ivner25
=TwimpMonika Keindl25
5thImprimis 8192P. Kline19
6thPlasmaWayne Sheppard16
7thAntibodyNándor Sieben14
8thNS6Lorenzo Jorquera2

Qualifying Round A

#Name AuthorScore
1stGriffin 2Anders Ivner48
2ndReturn of the Living Dead 2.2Nándor Sieben38
3rdPlasmaWayne Sheppard36
4thNS6Lorenzo Jorquera31
5thImpressiveDan Nabutovsky26
6thScoutWilliam Hamaker25
7thBuffyChris Lindensmith24
8thBroom2Mark A. Durham23
=RoachesSteven Morrell23
10thTrollPablo Destefanis14
11thIMPireAnders Ivner9

Qualifying Round B

#Name AuthorScore
1stImprimis 8192P. Kline38
2ndTwimpMonika Keindl37
3rdAntibodyNándor Sieben33
4thLeprechaun 1bAnders Ivner31
5thSauronSteven Morrell22
6thEriTQHernán G. Freedman20
7thMurderHernán G. Freedman15
=PresidioFabio Friedlaender15
9thExorcistChris Lindensmith13
10thBroomsMark A. Durham11


  1. Newman, Jon. "ICWS Tournament '92 Results." The Core War Newsletter 14 (Winter 1993): 10-12.