IRC Mini Tournament #12 - Sunday 18 May 2003

This week, Philb arranges a grey warrior tournament in which we have to score as well as possible against a given warrior. The only information we have about the warrior is it resides in the lower half of the top 100 on Koenigstuhl's '94nop hill. Results were returned after each submission, with up to 5 submissions being allowed. Of the 9 competitors, Roy takes first place, followed by Fizmo and David Houston. Roy also has the prestige of being the first player to correctly identify the grey warrior. If either your browser or yourself doesn't like tables, the results are also available in results.txt. To download all of the compo warriors in one go, simply grab (26K).

#%W%L%TName AuthorScore%
158.426.015.6 Probe3Roy190.80100.0
252.026.821.2 Probe1Roy177.2092.9
356.838.84.4 Claw altFizmo174.8091.6
448.030.022.0 FinalThingyRoy166.0087.0
552.042.85.2 Claw 2Fizmo161.2084.5
626.018.855.2 Hazy Lazy ... as probeDavid Houston133.2069.8
740.851.28.0 Claw last tryFizmo130.4068.3
826.431.242.4 Creaky old codeJohn Metcalf121.6063.7
912.410.477.2 Son of Vain as probeDavid Houston114.4060.0
1018.027.654.4 miniBlur CopyChristian Schmidt108.4056.8
1113.620.066.4 Origin of Storms as probeDavid Houston107.2056.2
1213.222.864.0 CrazyShot 2Christian Schmidt103.6054.3
1317.634.048.4 Behemot as probeDavid Houston101.2053.0
140.40.898.8 probe 2Misse100.0052.4
150.00.899.2 ImpsSascha Zapf99.2052.0
164.810.884.4 Unfortunate DelayLukasz Grabun98.8051.8
170.02.497.6 Wensleydale!John Metcalf97.6051.2
188.018.473.6 Reepicheep as probeDavid Houston97.6051.2 makepop-i-8371.ibvowk96.0050.3
200.85.693.6 sp_test1Lukasz Grabun96.0050.3
2115.638.046.4 Studie 10/4Sascha Zapf93.2048.8 MonowireMisse90.8047.6
233.623.672.8 twinshotJohn Metcalf83.6043.8
240.418.481.2 stone/paperLukasz Grabun82.4043.2 probe1Misse76.8040.3
267.238.854.0 Probe2Roy75.6039.6
274.040.455.6 Macabre SilhouetteJohn Metcalf67.6035.4 zIMPzid60.0031.4
291.649.249.2 LodestoneJohn Metcalf54.0028.3
300.047.652.4 zNotMinezid52.4027.5
310.850.448.8 LarrySascha Zapf51.2026.8
321.656.042.4 ts stoneLukasz Grabun47.2024.7
330.088.012.0 NotMinezid12.006.3
340.898.80.4 10961-3300-xt430-15-eai2bvowk2.801.5
350.0100.00.0 Probe4Roy0.000.0

[Philb] Ok folk - this time the competition is indirect. You vs a Grey warrior
[roy] Cool!
[Philb] Regular rules. 250 rounds unless it gets too slow.
[grabun] I like it!
[bvowk] hrm.
[grabun] I have something prepared on my HDD :-)
[Roy] So, would someone like to team up with me so we have 6 probe attempts? :)
[Philb] No one says you can't cooperate - but can you trust each other... :-)
[metcalf] Is p-space allowed?
[Philb] Yes - in that I didn't disable it. But I don't see that it'll help
[bvowk] ok, first one is away :)
[sascha] But what feedback do we get to identify our opponent?
* Roy send his first probe too
[Philb] You get normal pmars results back from your probes e.g. win/loss/tie
[sascha] first on way!
* Roy is pleased with the first results :)
[Hurkyl] Yah, I sent one in too, haven't gotten results yet
[metcalf] Okay, is it fair for me to share my results?
[Philb] If you want
* bvowk wonders
[metcalf] I sent a stone/imp and it was almost 100% ties.
[Roy] I send uhm... something and I got 130/67/53 :)
* Roy is looking for the right warrior on the hill
[Fizmo] got 130 wins...
[grabun] how much time left?
[Philb] 15-20mins [email is slow]
[Philb] At least one of you has scored +400
[zid] mine are so simple that theyre gunna win
[grabun] It is good I do not publish (or submit) all of my warriors :-)
* Roy is already in the finetuning phase, I made up my warrior already :-P
[metcalf] Okay, I submitted a stone alone and it got kicked really hard. :-)
[Roy] Probe3 by Roy scores 477
[Roy] IRC12 Grey Warrior by C.W. Star scores 234
[Roy] Results: 146 65 39
* metcalf is wondering what to send as his 5th
[metcalf] Hmmm... okay it doesn't look like I'm going to do very well here!
* Roy was lucky enough to send just the right warrior
[Fizmo] I guess it is Velvet Glove ;-)
[Roy] It isn't Velvet Glove
[metcalf] Quite a few paper/imp in the 50-100 area of Koenigstuhl
[Roy] My tests rule that out
[zid] i have a totaly random guess at what it is :)
[metcalf] Mine best is pretty poor compared to Roy's
[Fizmo] 523pts
[metcalf] I have a 492 point result, but is that 492 points to me, or to the Grey Warrior? ;-)
[Roy] I know what warrior it is!
[metcalf] RotF Copy? Revenge of the Papers? Mini Return of the Jedimp?
* metcalf didn't actually program anything this time round!
[Fizmo] I think it is either Defensive or Fugitive
[Roy] Not Fugitive, maybe RotF
[grabun] I *was* trying to program.
[Philb] Ok guys time up. I'll manually run the problem one's I know of.
* metcalf is running some tests to see which paper/imp scores the same against his warriors
[zid] RedFaction
[grabun] Recycled Paper
[zid] yay. i scored 150 :D
[Roy] I say its Mini-RetofJediImp (my final bet)
[zid] you could brute force the answer on a fast PC
[metcalf] Okay, I have run all the paper/imps against all of my entries, and the results which matched are those for Mini RotJ
[Philb] Results in 4mins
[Philb] Grey Warrior was ... yes you've guessed it Mini Return Of The Jedimp
[Roy] Cool ;-)
[Roy] I actually knew it from halfway :-D
[metcalf] I knew from 20:57:34 ;-) When my tests finished.
[Roy] I guessed it right after my first probe got good scores and the second (HSA) got bad scores
[Roy] 477 was the best I got after everything was done
[zid] i got 133 :)
[Fizmo] I tried first CrazyShot2 and got lots of ties
[Roy] I first tried Solo, and it got 400+ points, so I started finetuning it after that
* metcalf would have tried something with spiral-clear, but has never written anything will one.
* metcalf didn't know what to try!
* bvowk didn't either :/
* grabun does not like scanner. Few of you know that...
[metcalf] I tried a stone/imp, which tied a lot. So I tried a scanner, which didn't do too well either, so then I tried a stone, which lost heavily. So, I tried another scanner and a oneshot, both were poor and I was out of entries :-/
[Roy] I was very very lucky I got good scores in the first test
[grabun] I tried stone/paper, stone/paper with snoopy's paper (optimized), ts stone and unf delay
[Roy] I tried Solo, HSA, optimized Solo, less optimized Solo
[Roy] Yay :)
[metcalf] Congratulations Roy, Fizmo, David. Nice one.
* metcalf wishes he had entered Mischief!
[Hurkyl] thanks! I'm still amazed I got third
[Fizmo] congrats
[grabun] Great round, Phil
[grabun] Blast you :-)
[metcalf] Unusual round, great fun. Thanks Phil
[grabun] It was fun, Phil
[Fizmo] thanks for organizing this round
* metcalf waves
[Philb] bye
[Hurkyl] nite all!