IRC Mini Tournament #13 - Sunday 25 May 2003

John Metcalf hosts the 13th Sunday 30 minute redcoding tournament, in a multi-warrior limited-process 2520 cell core. Imps are banned! 10 programmers enter a total of 16 warrior between them, with Lukasz Adamowski emerging from the affray with an incredible 45% victory from his dual clear. Roy van Rijn takes second place, also with a dual clear, while David Houston comes third with a oneshot. If either your browser or yourself doesn't like tables, the results are also available in results.txt. To download all of the compo warriors in one go, simply grab (10K).

#Name AuthorScore%
1That's sillyLukasz Adamowski2141100.0
2Double clearRoy van Rijn116654.5
3dumb scanDavid Houston104548.8
4Seven Nation ArmySascha Zapf100046.7
5VampyrMichal Janeczek93543.7
6airstormDavid Houston91842.9
72520: A Space OdysseyLukasz Adamowski51624.1
8Teething PainsPhilip Thorne50123.4
10fizBiShotChristian Schmidt38618.0
11Harmony 2520Lukasz Grabun36617.1
12fizOoSChristian Schmidt34015.9
13Skater BoyLukasz Grabun31914.9
14SoLo2520Roy van Rijn23110.8
15MediocreIdeaBadlyImplementedWill 'Varfar'1687.8
16DancerSascha Zapf1125.2

[metcalf] Okay folks
[metcalf] Everyone ready?
[adamow] ~I'm ready
[Roy] cool
* willvarfa gets going..
[adamow] No imps...
[metcalf] Right, I specified "no imp" rather than restricting the instruction set to exclude them. thought everyone would prefer that. :-)
[grabun] hm
[Hurkyl] hehe
[adamow] Even if an imp is only a part of the code, i.e. a bomb?
[metcalf] No imps, no imp bombing.
[pkhuong] metcalf: bah, play with the coresize ;)
[metcalf] Vamp anyone?
[metcalf] 1 warrior received :-)
[grabun] hate it
[grabun] -s 2520!
[grabun] :-P
[Hurkyl] woot 1 in!
[Hurkyl] lol I almost forgot to test my warrior with -s 2520 too =)
[grabun] 2 sent. I don't bet a penny on them
[Fizmo] ready to send my 2 entries
[willvarfa] metcalf: my only entry is on it's way..
[adamow] How much time's left?
[metcalf] 10 minutes left
[metcalf] Oh, Pizza stopped exactly 2 years ago. R.I.P. Pizza :-(
[pkhuong] good luck everyone!
[Mizcu] warrior done, ;lines - no
[metcalf] So far I have Roy van Rijn (2), David Houston (2), Sascha Zapf (2), Lukasz Grabun (2), Lukasz Adamowski (2), Will Varfar (1), Christian Schmidt (2), Michal Janeczek (1)
[Roy] 14 warriors in 2520 core...
[metcalf] It can handle up to 72 warriors ;-)
[adamow] with MINDISTANCE=35
[sascha] The Core will be as packed as the channel.
[adamow] Mine suck too, I'm afraid I'll be last again
[adamow] I produce mostly coreclears
[Roy] I have a clear and a scanner
[metcalf] Okay, everyone done?
[metcalf] I have received two more entries since I listed. Mizcu (1) and Phil Thorne (1)
[sascha] Ohh, Phil from outside...The channel is full.
[metcalf] Okay, closed and running :-)
[metcalf] Whoa! Nice results for someone :-)
[adamow] "Someone"?
[Hurkyl] lol
[adamow] What? A 50% gap between the first and the second??? ;]
[Hurkyl] hehe
[Fizmo] well, a vamp should score nicely under these rules
[metcalf] Not quite 50% :-)
[willvarfa] more like 75?
[Hurkyl] metcalf is enjoying keeping us in suspense =)
[metcalf] Almost done :-)
[metcalf] And the winners are:
[metcalf] Congratulations :-)
[Philb] Wow - Big GAP
[Hurkyl] Wow
[Philb] Congrats LA
[adamow] Gosh!
[adamow] Thanks!!!
[Fizmo] Congratulations
[michal] only 45% ;)
[michal] congrats
[grabun] Congrats L. :-)
[adamow] Well... I had a vampire, but it's not him who won
[willvarfa] wow, congrats Lukasz!!
[adamow] "That's silly" is nothing but two clears!
[Roy] Well, what do you think Double clear is :(
[adamow] Bye, John, and THANKS
[adamow] THANK YOU ALL!
[grabun] Ok, thanks and congraulations to the winner
* metcalf waves
[metcalf] Nice one Lukasz
[grabun] Bye
* grabun waves
[Hurkyl] bye!
[adamow] Looks like it's really a 50% gap... LOL :]
[adamow] I'm satisfied, so I can go too ;]
[Roy] bye lukasz, good work!
* Philb waves
[willvarfa] I have to go. been nice :-) Congrats to Lukasz again!!!!
[Philb] Tx for the round JM. Limited Process is nice.
* Roy waves, bye!