28 Jun 2003 IRC Mini-Tournament #18

For this longer than usual round you do battle against two warriors taken as-is from the second 100 of the 94nop - Koenigstuhl top 200. One warrior, the "white", will be known the other, the "grey", hidden. Update: The White is Impfinity v4g1 by Planar.

The Round will officially start at 0200 GMT Saturday 28 June 2003. For up to an hour before then I will have test warriors in place should anyone wish to check the submission/response mechanism.

Send your entries/probes [maximum 5 attempts in total] to mailto:corewar@pipeline.com?subject=irc18 using a subject of "irc18".
Please use ";redcode" and "end" statements.

Sample mail submission:
;name QAZ
;author PBT

mov.i -1, <0
jmp -1

If you have problems, such as not receiving feedback, try using plain text format for your submission. To try to iron out problems in advance I have sample warriors up - feel free to test the mechanism against them up to 1 hour before the start time. Problems? Send me email without "irc18" in the subject.

Sample mail response:
QAZ by PBT scores 594
  Results: 35 42 73 100
imp by A.K. Dewdney scores 362
  Results: 0 54 73 123
Grey by A.N. Other scores 898
  Results: 56 76 73 45
The matches are 3-way, over 250 rounds.
The winner is whoever has had the highest score against the two warriors at closing time which is 0200 GMT Monday 30 June 2003.

Prestige bonus for anyone identifying the Grey Warrior correctly. [Collaboration OK]

Update: Results and Warriors can be found here. Congratulations Roy!