Stuart Marks

After spending some time with Stuart Marks, and learning of his intense interest and participation in sports, you're struck by the juxtaposition of his professional life and personal interests. His goal is "to enjoy life and avoid having to sit behind a computer terminal day after day." Yet, he is a talented programmer and game designer whose job requires that he scroll through screen after screen of program code on a daily basis. Luckily, he is able to stagger his hours and pursue the necessities of life - smashing forehands to the baseline and chipping delicate golf shots over greenside bunkers.

Born in Houston, Texas, Stuart spent most of his boyhood years in the outdoors, enjoying tennis, golf, water skiing, snow skiing, softball and volleyball. When he wasn't playing, he was watching, and he still follows the progress of the Houston Astros and Houston Oilers. He is plays championship caliber golf and tennis, competing in tournaments throughout the state.

Stuart attended the University of Texas, studying accounting to learn new methods of depreciating his Apple II computer. Ostensibly purchased to "help with homework", the computer soon became a tool for dealing with his lifelong fascination with games... and VisiCalc was replaced by Pong. Fortunately, there weren't many games that really captured Stuart's attention, and he began developing his own entertainment ideas.

Since 1981, Stuart has created eight different games for the personal computer. The first to be published is OMEGA. As long as Stuart has to take time away from sports to have his rackets restrung and his golf clubs regripped, you can bet he'll continue his pursuit of the software side of gaming.

(From the Cybertank Engineer's Handbook, 1989)

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