File Name Description
omegamanual.pdf Omega Game Manual The Omega game manual. Scanned and saved in PDF format by The Underdogs.
prndsk.zip Print 2 Disk DOS utility to redirect printer output to a file. Very useful for capturing simulation statistics.

Source Code Utilities

This is a collection of tools (source-code only) written for Omega. I think they were originally written for the Amiga version of Omega but should for the DOS version as well.

File Name Description
distnk.zip Tank Disassembler Converts a TNK file into a SRC file (text source file). Find out why that tank is "so damn good."
tnktools.zip Tank Tools Contains three tools:
  1. tnkprice - calculates the price of a tank.
  2. rechk - recalculates the checksum of a file
  3. anatnk - incremental disassembler/TNK analyzer
fldtools.zip Field Tools Contains six tools:
  1. fld2bmp - creates a 1 pixel/tile BMP file
    from a FLD file
  2. fld3bmp - creates a full size bitmap map from a
    FLD file
  3. fld4bmp - creates a full size bitmap map from a
    FLD file, along with a strip on the right side
    with the text of a text file (a tank AI source
    listing, perhaps) in the standard Omega font.
  4. mkfld - creates a FLD file
  5. banfld - makes a field file with a banner text
  6. readterr - reads a terrain.tlb file and saves it as a terrain.dat file for fld3bmp
misctools.zip Miscellaneous Tools Contains three tools (plus a few other bits):
  1. rdtxt - reads a BTX file and prints the
    messages contained therein, or creates a
    new one
  2. varenum - enumerates the Omega system
    variables along with their unique numbers
  3. mkfon - creates a font file (Omega.fon)
sim.zip Omega Simulator An incomplete simulator for Omega. Would have been very cool if it were finished.

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