Round 4 Aftermath

Only seven people entered this round. Were the rules too restrictive or is it just Christmas? Robert Macrae engineered a nice little warrior. He constructed a core-clear using the given components as a code bank. Nice one. This resulted in first place, both in this round and overall.

Second placed Schmidt submitted a grey similar to the grey warrior from round 3 (code published soon). His grey split several processes to the stone and then started the paper. This was moderately successful against the scanners but lost a little too much against paper. I wonder how my grey would have done... Andrew Mehlos took third place with a pure stone.

I expected to see a little more innovation in this round. With the exception of Robert's warrior, all warriors used the components unchanged. There was plenty of scope for modifying constants and even constructing alternative components as Macrae demonstrated.

Link to the authors strategy lines and comments here