A stone/imp combines xxx The first stone/imp was created by xxx

Example Stone/Imps

Evol Cap 4 X, Gigolo, Lucky 3, Impish v0.2

Cannonade, Freight Train v0.2, Impfinity v4g1, Imprimis 6, Keystone t13, Sphinx v2.8,

blue candle SPL/DAT bomber, continuous binary

Blue Funk, Blue Funk 3, transposition, binary

Rosebud transposition, JMP/ADD

ompega transposition, vortex

Ironic Imps, Eccentric self-bombing, impfinity, clear

Last Judgement, Black Knight, self-bombing, twin vortex send proc back

Quicksilver, The Stormkeeper, Jade devilish 2.02 Gremlin self-bombing, impfinity

Blacken switch to clear, vector

Simple '88 v0.2, Thunderstrike, Olivia switch to clear, impfinity

Evol Cap 6.6 switch to clear, vortex

Uninvited self-bombing, delayed impfinity,

Vain transposition, impfinity, clear,

Kryptonite, Bite the Bullet self-bombing, vortex

Return of the Pendragon self-bombing, vortex, send proc back

Son of Vain self-bombing, vortex, clear

+0 Stormbringer, Night Crawler, NC decoy, ttti, CAPS KEY IS STUCK AGAIN, stone, binary

Further Reading

  1. Oversby, Ian and Joonas Pihlaja. "Son of Vain." Core Warrior 80 (31 Jan 2002).