Vain is a stone/clear/imp which entered the Pizza 94 hill in November 1997 and reached age 147 before the hill was wiped on 5th February 1999. Vain also entered the 94nop hill in July 1998 and was pushed off in August 1999 age 330.

;name Vain
;author Ian Oversby
;strategy The Original Vain
;strategy Now with Q^(>2)
;strategy Rosebudish Stone, Impfinity Imps
;strategy and a core-clear
;assert CORESIZE==8000

sdist	equ	(start+3614)
dec	equ	6944
tr	equ	6565
idist	equ	(start+2214)

st	equ	1432
ddist	equ	sdist-1054-2
ist	equ	2667
mx	equ	-7

spin	spl.b	#pump+tr,	>-3000
	sub.f	#-(ist+1),	jump
pump	mov.i	imp,		}spin
jump	jmp.f	tr-2*(ist+1),	<dec
imp	mov.i	#-27,		ist

for 20
	dat.f	0,	0

pGo	spl.b	@0,	spin
	spl.b	dboot,	<-850
for 5
	mov.i	{spos,	{sptr
sptr	spl.b	sdist,	<-700
	div.f	#0,	sptr

	dat.f	0,	0

dboot	mov.i	<spos,	{mptr
	mov.i	<spos,	{mptr
	mov.i	<spos,	{mptr
	spl.b	*mptr,	<-1000
	mov.i	<spos,	@mptr
	mov.ab	#3700,	<mptr
mptr	div.f	#ddist,	#ddist+mx-2
	dat.f	}700,	>800

	spl.b	#0,	<p-st
p	spl.b	#st,	<-st
	mov.i	>0+st,	3-st
	add.f	p,	-1
	djn.f	-2,	<p-st

spos	dat.f	#0,	#dl+1

	dat.f	>1,	#10
	spl.b	#0,	#0
	mov.i	mx,	>mx-1
dl	djn.f	-1,	>mx-2

for 5
	dat.f	0,	0

     qf equ qKil
     qs equ (qd*2)
     qd equ 107
     qi equ 7
     qr equ 11

;    -+)>] 0/1 cycles [(<+-

qGo: seq   qd+qf+qs,    qf+qs      ; 1
     jmp   qSki,        {qd+qf+qs+qi
     seq   qd+qf+6*qs,  qf+6*qs    ; B
     jmp   qFas,        {qd+qf+6*qs+qi
     seq   qd+qf+5*qs,  qf+5*qs    ; B-1
     jmp   qFas,        <qBmb
     seq   qd+qf+7*qs,  qf+7*qs    ; B+1
     jmp   qFas,        >qBmb
     seq   qd+qf+9*qs,  qf+9*qs    ; A-1
     djn   qFas,        {qFas
     seq   qd+qf+10*qs, qf+10*qs   ; A
     jmp   qFas,        {qFas

;    -+>)] 2 cycles [(<+-

     seq   qd+qf+3*qs,  qf+3*qs    ; C
     jmp   >qFas,       {qd+qf+3*qs+qi
     seq   qd+qf+2*qs,  qf+2*qs    ; C-1
     jmp   >qFas,       {qSlo
     seq   qd+qf+4*qs,  qf+4*qs    ; C+1
     jmp   >qFas,       }qSlo
     seq   qd+qf+12*qs, qf+12*qs   ; B*C-B
     jmp   qSlo,        {qSlo
     seq   qd+qf+15*qs, qf+15*qs   ; B*C-C
     jmp   qSlo,        <qBmb
     seq   qd+qf+21*qs, qf+21*qs   ; B*C+C
     jmp   qSlo,        >qBmb
     seq   qd+qf+24*qs, qf+24*qs   ; B*C+B
     jmp   qSlo,        }qSlo

     seq   qd+qf+27*qs, qf+27*qs   ; A*C-C
     djn   qSlo,        {qFas
     seq   qd+qf+30*qs, qf+30*qs   ; A*C
     jmp   qSlo,        {qFas

     sne   qd+qf+18*qs, qf+18*qs   ; B*C
     jmz.f pGo,         qd+qf+18*qs-10

qSlo:mul.ab #3,         qKil       ; C=3
qFas:mul.b qBmb,        @qSlo
qSki:sne   >3456,       @qKil
     add   #qd,         qKil
qLoo:mov   qBmb,        @qKil
qKil:mov   qBmb,        *qs
     sub   #qi,         qKil
     djn   qLoo,        #qr
     jmp   pGo,         >10        ; A=10
qBmb:dat   {qi*qr-10,   {6         ; B=6

end start