Edit Breakpoint


This dialog box sets the conditions that will cause a breakpoint to halt execution. You may choose any set of the “Break on” events. If the Test event is checked, a valid Redcode expression (see the last paragraph in the Edit Warrior section) must be typed into the box below. Aside from the predefined variables such as CORESIZE, the only labels that may be used in the expression are A (or a) and B (or b), representing the values of the A and B operands, respectively.


The number in the Frequency box is how many times the selected event(s) must occur before execution is halted.


If the Movable box is checked, the breakpoint is movable, and may be copied to a new location by a MOV.I instruction; otherwise, it is fixed.


The number in the Fill Next box is how many instructions will be set with this breakpoint.


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