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Version 2.3


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CoreWin is a Core War simulator for the Windows environment. It provides a visual arena in which Core War programs, or “warriors”, battle each other. It is simple to use and visually appealing, with high-resolution graphics and GUI controls. An unlimited number of warriors can battle simultaneously in a Core of up to 130,000,000 memory locations.


This document is intended only as a user’s guide to the simulator; it does not describe Core War, or how to write Core War programs. For these topics, please refer to the introductory materials at,, and many other Core War sites.

Features of CoreWin include:

·         Full support of ICWS’94 standards, with all current extensions

·         Built-in editor and compiler, with full support for multi-line EQUates, for/rof loops, and complex expressions. Shows detailed descriptions of all compile errors.

·         User-selectable parameters, including read/write limits

·         Four kinds of tournament play: Melee, Challenge, Round-Robin, and Benchmark

·         Multiple core views, showing color-coded instructions, that update in real time

·         P-space view, showing contents of p-space for any warrior

·         Conditional breakpoints

·         Editable core contents, p-space, and process queues


To get started:

·         Run CoreWin.exe; the main window will come up.

·         Click the Setup button to bring up the Settings dialog box. Here, you can choose warriors, set up tournaments, and change the core size and many other parameters.

o        The Add button, next to the Warrior list, will bring up a file browser. Choose one or more warriors, and click OK to add them to the list.

o        Change any parameters you wish, and click OK.

·         On the main window, click the Start button to launch the battle.

·         Click Stop to pause the battle. Click Start to resume or Single Step to execute one instruction of each warrior.

·         Use the slider control just above the buttons to govern the speed of the battle.

·         At the end of the battle, the Battle Status line lets you know who won.

·         Click New Battle to set up a new battle using the same warriors and parameters, or click Setup again to pick new ones.


You’re on your way! Enjoy.

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