This dialog box allows certain options to be set without interrupting the current tournament.



·         Display Topology may be set to circular (four rectangular display areas arranged around the outside of the main window) or rectangular (a single large display area at the top of the window).

·         Cells to Display: This setting determines which events will cause a cell to be displayed. The core view windows will still display the Core contents, but the instructions will be warrior-colored only if the corresponding cell is displayed.

o        None: No updates to the core display are made. This greatly increases maximum execution speed.

o        Executed only: Cells that are executed by a process are displayed.

o        Executed and written to: Displays executed cells, plus cells that are targets of a MOV, ADD, SUB, MUL, DIV, MOD, or LDP instruction.

o        Incremented/decremented: Displays executed and written cells, plus cells that are incremented or decremented by DJN or any of the pre-decrement and post-increment address modes.

o        Compared to: Displays executed, written, and incremented/decremented cells, plus cells that are used in a comparison by JMZ, JMN, SLT, CMP, SEQ, or SNE.

o        Read from: Displays executed, written, inc/dec, and compared cells, plus cells that are the source of a MOV, ADD, SUB, MUL, DIV, MOD, or STP instruction, or that are the intermediate address of an indirect address calculation.

·         Check for early draws: when checked, a draw will be declared if every process of every warrior is executing an Imp instruction (“MOV $0, $1” or “MOV #X, $1”).

·         Pause between rounds: when checked, execution will pause at the end of each round of a multi-round tournament. Clicking the Start button will start the next round.

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