P-space View


This window shows the contents of P-space for the selected warrior. The view shows a block of locations, in the color of the warrior to whom it belongs. The window is non-modal, so it may remain open while a battle is in progress, and the controls on the main window may be used. The view updates in real-time as the battle progresses. The view may be resized vertically, but not horizontally.




·         The Line and Page spin controls move the view through P-space by 1 line and 1 page per click, respectively.

·         The user may type a number (decimal or $hex) into the Location box to move the view to that location. Press the tab key after entering the number to execute the move.

·         A double-click over any P-space location brings up the Edit P-space dialog box, allowing the value at that location to be changed.



Edit P-space


This dialog box allows the P-space value at a P-space location, for a particular warrior, to be changed. The Fill next number specifies how many consecutive P-space locations will be filled with the new value. The “read only” value at location 0 may also be changed.

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