The Easter Core War Tournament will be held on 27th March using CWS'94 Redcode in a medium process multiwarrior core. Players may enter up to two warriors, maximum length 25 instructions.

All entries will take part in a multiwarrior qualifier with the 10 highest scoring entries advancing to the final. The highest scoring warrior in the final will be awarded the $50 first prize. The $25 second prize will be awarded to the highest scoring warrior in the qualifier.

The score formula used will be -= 144/(S*S) (144 points for a solo win, 36 points for a two-way tie, 16 points for a three-way tie, 9 points for a four-way tie, etc).

Entries can be sent by email to . The deadline is 25th March 2016. All entries will be published at the end of the tournament. Updates will be posted to,, #corewars on and on twitter using the hashtag #corewar. Good Luck!

Technical Details:

Players may enter up to two programs. Programs face each other in a multiwarrior mêlée, no p-space, no read/write limits. Entries must be your own work. Extended CWS'94 Draft Redcode applies with the following settings:

Further Details:

More information about Core War can be found at:

Software is available from:

Core War can be played online at:

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