Combat O&T


SECTION BRIEF - The most common type of simulation is known as Melee. Melee is an all out free-for-all. Each cybertank in a melee simulation is an enemy Of every other cybertank.


The only objective during a melee simulation is to be the last active cybertank left on the battlefield. This objective can be attained through a number of strategic possibilities.


1.2.1 Destroying the Other Cybertanks

The most common method of being victorious in a melee simulation is to destroy all the other cybertanks in the simulation. If there are meny other cybertanks in the melee, then a cybertank must be very powerful if it is to have a chance at being victorious. The chances of encountering two or more enemy cybertanks at the same time is relatively high; thus, a cybertank in a large melee must be able to sustain damage “from behind” while attacking another enemy.
During a small, or one-on-one melee, the victory does not necessarily go to the most powerful cybertank, but to the cybertank witli the “cleverest” AI design. For example, a small, quick cybertank can move in on a larger, more powerful tank and get off a couple of shots before the larger tank is able to react. If this process is successfully.repeated, then any cybertank can “wear down” a much larger, more powerful tank.

1.2.2 Hiding From the Other Cybertanks

The other commonly used tactic in winning a melee simulation is that of hiding from the other cybertanks. While this method is less exciting, it still produces a large number of victories. The cgbertank that attempts to hide usually moves to the closest corner and sits there. By hiding in the corner, a cybertank is protected from assaults from behind by the battlefield wall. A cybertank hiding in the corner is less likely to be detected by other cybertanks, and while hiding, the other cybertanks are roaming around the battlefield, destroying each other. The other cybertanks are using a great deal of fuel moving around the battlefield, while the cybertank in the corner is stationary and conserves fuel.

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