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SECTION BRIEF - Cybertanks can also engage in team combat simulation. Team combat pits groups of cybertanks, composed of up to seven cybertanks, against one another. Team combat offers many strategic possibilities.


As in a melee simulation, a team of cybertanks can be victorious by destroying all of the cybertanks on the opposing team [see Part 2, Section 3 for more information on the Simulation Design Module (SDM) and setting up cybertank teams]. With up to seven cybertanks per team, this can prove to be a very difficult task. To be effective, a team of cybertanks should employ the use of a Commlink (see Section 2.3 for more information regarding the Commlink). By using the Commlink effectively, a team of cybertanks can pool their resources and information. For example, cybertanks on the same team can come to the rescue of a team-member who is being attacked. It should be noted that any cybertanks In the simulation that have NOT been placed on a team are treated as If they were In a melee simulation (ie., all other cybertanks are the enemy).


The Simulation Design Module (SDM) allows a headquarters building to be placed on the battlefield for each of the two teams. A team that destroys an enemy’s headquarters is the victor in team combat.
When a team combat simulation includes headquarter buildings, the strategic options increase. Since a headquarters is easy to destroy, it must be well protected. lt is very effective to divide the offensive and defensive duties of the cybertanks on a team. The offensive tanks should be very good “search’ tanks, possessing good scanners and able to cover a great deal of the battlefield as quickly as possible while searching for the enemy headquarters. The defensive tanks should be very powerful tanks. The defensive tanks will not have to move very much, and do not need to be fast or fuel efficient; however, they should be equipped with the best weapons and armor possible. Defensive tanks should also have good scanners so they can detect incoming enemy tanks as soon as possible.
The Commlink Is an important part of the strategy In team combat that incorporates a design with a headquarters. Once the enemy headquarters is found by a cybertank, its position can be relayed to all members of the team. By doing so, all firepower can be concentrated in the area of the enemy headquarters.

2.3 Team Communications

The cybertank Communications Link (Commlink), a special device,, which can be purchased in the Chassis Design Module (CDM), enables communication between cybertanks on the same team. When using cybertanks in the Team mode, it is often useful to transmit various data or instructions to other members of the team. Effective use of the Commlink aids in the performance of complicated tactical maneuvers by a team of cybertanks. By transmitting various codes, a team of cybertanks can consolidate its forces and knowledge, forming a colossal army. For complete information on the usage of the CommLink, please see Part 3. Section 6.

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